Big Chains vs Local Mom and Pop: What happened to customer service?

October 7, 2009

Over the past few weeks my wife Mary has been working on setting up a Guinea Pig shelter in our home.

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So, yesterday my wife was instructed to purchase a certain brand of feed for her newly adopted show quality rodent livestock (all 7 or 8 of them!). My wife began the process of looking online, and then calling all the local feed stores to see which one had the feed in stock.  After calling around for about an hour she finally spoke with a woman at Tractor Supply in McKinney Tx who stated that they had it “IN-STOCK”. My wife proceeded to inform the woman that she was going to be driving during rush hour traffic and 40 miles to pick it up. She again confirmed that they had it “IN-STOCK”.  Wouldn’t ya know…. she arrives to find that it somehow managed to no longer be “IN-STOCK” between the time she left the house and made her arduous commute to McKinney.

tractor supply customer service terrible

tractor supply customer service terrible

My wife makes a trip to the local Mom and Pop feed store down the road. Being the Grandson of a former FEED STORE owner, I feel that I am more than qualified to judge good customer service. My Grandmother Nelda Quay Faulkner Abney owned Abney Feed and Ranch Supply in Royse City Tx for more than 30 years. I recall loading up more 50lb bags of feed into trucks, trunks, and trailers than most folks will ever see in a lifetime. Wouldn’t you know, when my wife walked out the door of Tractor Supply, not a single person felt the need to help her load a 60lb sack of feed into the trunk of her car.

Why was her experience so terrible? Is this the norm for Tractor Supply. Does it simply go to show that big chains are failing to match the service experience that local small and medium sized business are able to offer customers? I was seriously disappointed in Tractor Supply when she arrived back at our home without the goods she drove over 40 miles to purchase.

Just wanted to rant………


I also felt compelled to post a review on Google:  McKinney Tx Tractor Supply Review on Google