What are the 2 Best Cities in the Dallas Metroplex to Buy a Home for Under $150,000?

October 8, 2009

Well the answer might surprise you!

Jason R. Anderson at T.A.G. Realty Advisors (one of Dallas – Fort Worth’s most respected real estate advisors and I must say well connected Realtor) has the answer. Here is a link to his blog post on the subject……

As a hint:

Towns North of Dallas that have great communities, the best public schools, and active lifestyle suburban

What are the 2 Best Cities in the Dallas Metroplex to Buy a Home for Under $150,000? We have done the research for you! http://tiny.cc/1upcb

2 Best Places in the Dallas Metroplex to buy a Home under

We have many 1st Time and Experienced Home Buyers looking to purchase a home
at or below $150,000. For some reason this seems to be a magical number amongst
many buyers and lenders for that matter. After several years of research we have
found the following cities that tend to give you the most bang for your buck
when it comes to a home under $150,000! To be far we narrowed the list down to
homes between $100,000 and $150,000 with at least 3 Bedrooms, 2 Baths, & 1500+
Sq. Ft.

#1 McKinney, Texas

This may come to a surprise to many people! But after personally viewing
dozens of homes in

I cant seem to find newer homes in better neighborhoods than I can

McKinney, Texas
. McKinney is a booming town that as of July 2008 had a
population of over 120,000 residents. The city is broken up into 2 major zip


. Coming from Downtown Dallas McKinney is approximately 27 Miles or
only a 30 Minute Drive. McKinney is centrally located in Collin County North of
Plano and East of Frisco. Its rough borders would be

Custer Rd
to the West, Highway 5 to the East, 380 to the North and 121 to
the South. McKinney is also known for its school district as well which
according to
McKinney Received an 8 out of 10 based on its public
schools test results. We have always believed that a picture is worth 1000 words
so we will not bore you with a bunch of facts and statistic you may already
know. So why not see for your self why we have picked McKinney as our #1 Best
Place in the Dallas Metroplex to buy a home under $150,000. At any given time
there are over 60 available properties in this price range with our above stated
criteria! You can actually still today as of October 2009 still buy a brand new
home for less than $150,000 in McKinney, Texas

McKinney Homes for Sale:

Additional Searches for McKinney Homes
for Sale:

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#2 Little Elm, Texas

Little Elm in 2000 was a small farming town that less than 3700
people called home. As of 2008 according to the

U.S Census Bureau this small Lake Side town just West of Frisco is home to
nearly 25,000 residents. How does a town nearly increase its population nearly
10 fold in less that 10 years? The top answer to that question is of course
Location, followed by unbeatable new housing deals, offering 100% Financing
through USDA financing and of Course being one of the lowest priced Lake Side
Communities in America! You can find new homes along with 4000 sq. ft
foreclosure deals built within the last 10 years in Little Elm. Not to mention
you are still only 30 miles from Downtown and literally right next to Frisco
that has any and everything that you could ever need. Little Elm is located only
10 minutes from the Dallas North Tollway by Going West on El Dorado. You will
come up to 423 than all of sudden with no warning you are in Little Elm. Drive
another 10 minutes in on El Dorado you find yourself directly on Lake
Lewisville. Little Elm also has a few neighborhoods scattered just south of 380
on Paloma Creek & Navo Road. The only reason this is #2 on our list is because
Great Schools gave them a 6 out of 10 rating and McKinney has nearly 90,000 more
people. However Little Elm due to its location and terrain truly feels like an
urban oasis and in properly named Sunset Point they have the most amazing view
of the setting sun I have seen in the Metroplex.

Little Elm Homes for Sale

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Are you paying for your competitor’s Verizon Yellow Pages advertisement?

October 8, 2009

As I said before, I left Idearc recently after almost 10 years with the company. I have notices lately that it has gradually been turning into a hire ’em and fire ’em style culture. The company has been churning media consultants and managers. It is obvious that they want sales. I understand that it is a sales organization.

(I edited this article to add the following supportive quote on my “opinion”)
I am offering a quote from Andrew Rudin’s comment titled: “On My Honor, as a Salesperson . . .”: Why Sales Ethics Matter

Which business risk represents the greatest threat to shareholder value? Natural disasters? Terrorism? Product defects? Piracy? Patent infringement? Lack of ethical boundaries?

If you answered anything but the last choice, think again. The massive collapse of market capitalization at Tyco, Worldcom, and Enron underscores the grave dangers posed to shareholder value when employees lack an ethical compass. The cumulative decline in market capitalization resulting from fraud at these three companies was $136 billion, according to Public Citizen’s Congress Watch.

These scandals originated in the executive suite and required an ecosystem of compliant people to execute. What about ethical problems that originate elsewhere? What happens when ethical violations spiral from what are euphemistically called “aggressive sales practices?” In 1998, ethical violations at Prudential Insurance became so pervasive that the company’s management eventually estimated its liability from the pending class-action lawsuit at $2 billion. Among the voluminous courtroom testimony from the case was this nugget: “Your judgment gets clouded out in the field when you are pressured to sell, sell, sell.”

The company is allowing sales fraud to take place by Hispanic sales reps in the Texas area for Spanish yellow pages products and also paying these reps higher commissions to boot.  (before you throw stones at me for stating this: If this subject were taken to court, I am more than 100% positive that it can be attested that what I am saying is true, and I have documentation to prove such) I think Idearc needs to read this article from Harvard Business School.

Idearc has to keep the print business and is forced to make it work. If it doesn’t work Idearc will not survive as a company. It is too horrible at servicing the internet business and offering the level of service it can offer with a print product. It is theoretically impossible for them to retain the same margin going forward as print rates start dropping and so does advertiser count. Idearc has lost many clients during the recession and it will be a challenge to win them back. I am also sure that they will also consider wiping existing client debt away (which is going to be great for sales reps commissions) to increase the amount of opportunity for sales results once they emerge from bankruptcy. Reminds me of the class action law suit regarding credit limits. Idearc will keep paying commissioned sales consultants for .com and ppc sales when the majority of the money goes to Google and Yahoo but declare the revenue not based on the management fee for PPC but the actual client budget (investors correct me if I am wrong?). Seriously, do you really think that Superpages.com is more than 10% of local search? Although, I do see value in both it’s print and online offering, your typical search marketing “uneducated” Idearc sales consultant is just in it to make a buck from a company that wants to get paid with unachievable margins. Yet in my professional opinion they have a few media consultants at the company who are worth more than weight in gold. Folks that have experience that even Harvard Business School could not teach. Working with so many different industries and on different forms of marketing, promotion, message and ad buying is a huge asset. Just my .02 cents.

If you need further visual proof of my statement on sales fraud… just grab a copy of the SuperDirect Postcard decks for the Greater Dallas area…. why are there so many Hispanic surname painting, remodeling, flooring, concrete, and landscaping companies in the decks? They are not making money if they keep allowing the credit limit to be given so freely in an attempt to show positive sales results while telling Wall Street that it was having issues with Receivables. Company motto going forward needs to be reward good paying clients for quality leads. Stop forcing paying clients to foot the bill for non-paying clients advertisements. Why should a reputable company lose calls to a no-pay business? It is hard enough competing in today’s marketplace without all the fraud. I think Idearc doesn’t need but 5-10 clients per category. Have a set rate per lead. Build a call center to screen the leads. Offer existing worthy clients premium opportunities. Kill all the free listings!

It was also apparent that Idearc wants a culture that rewards calling the same clients over and over with the same old spill. Reps are told to disregard notes that state “do not call” or NITC (not interested in telephone call). Now, I don’t know what Idearc’s upper management thinks about this and whether it is just local sales managers, but the thought of beating a client into a sale does not do much to resolve the issues it companies have with client churn. But hey….. according to some clients they just want your credit card number!

I will also mention that I have clients that are making serious ROI on advertising in the product. It does work. It just takes the right ad message, the right ad price, and the right position in the product. Media buyers need to step in and start buying ads for clients vs commissioned sales reps who have no clue what the business can and can not afford. Transparency in pricing will go a long way to helping the yellow pages industry. Make pricing more like Google and give up on this idea of a “affluent homeowner” using and urban scoped directory that takes a zillion lbs of paper. Heck, I remember someone actually stating that if you stacked the Greater Dallas Yellow Pages one on top of the other it would reach the outer atmosphere…. if this is true…. No wonder Ed Kohler at http://www.thedeets.com is going nuts!

Mike Stewart
(former Idearc Media Consultant speaking out)

Seriously….. who has received $500.00 from Idearc Media for the SuperGuarantee?

October 8, 2009

SuperGuarantee Home

If you are a consumer and have received a monetary reimbursement from Idearc Media as a consumer using the SuperGuarantee program please reply to this blog. I am working with clients in Dallas and I would like to know the experience thus far. AT&T Yellow Pages does not offer a guarantee or anything of the sort. Local Dallas area business owners would like to know how the program is working. Idearc Media has not offered any hard numbers and results on program participation or been asked by Wall Street how the program is working due to the fact that the company is going thru a Chapter 11 Bankruptcy, which will not be finalized until December or the first part of next year.

SuperGuarantee Home

If you have not heard about the program click here: http://www.SuperGuarantee.com


Mike Stewart