Image Search is Vital to Rankings on Search Engines

October 16, 2009

Image Search Vital To Rankings | SEMClubHouse – Key Relevance Blog ( )

Considering that Google and other major search engines are working on refining searches for images, it is obvious to any search engine marketer that images, videos, blogs, and other forms of content distribution are important to search engine rankings. If you can get your content at the top of a Google Image Search or first on YouTube, it will have a significant impact on getting your other content ranked. Remember, search engine marketing is not about getting your website at the top of Google. It is all about getting what you publish (information and the answers to questions) in front of potential followers or your consumers.

Chris Smith from Key Relevance goes on to state:

Google is also promoting image content in regards to search presence. At SES, Google’s representative, R.J. Pittman stated, “Images are no longer a ‘nice to have, but a must-have’ piece to promote businesses online.”

Google is also continuing to aggressively develope innovations in their image search engine sophistication. Google is no longer merely focusing upon the contextual text keyword content surrounding images in order to interpret their subject matter, they are now using a number of strategies for actually analyzing the graphic content of images and their relative quality compared with other similar images.