Google 10-pack is killing the Online Yellow Pages: A closer look at Superpages,, CitySearch Traffic

Why is it when you speak with a representative from Idearc Media about traffic from’s network they state “Superpages is the #1 online yellow pages”. Yet the other day I spoke to a client’s AT&T Yellow Pages rep who said that the purchase of put AT&T on the top of all Interactive Yellow Pages sites (I completely disagree since I include map based search sites like Google Local Listings in the same category).

It is obvious that ambiguity exits in this discussion. It is also apparent that the traffic is on a decline and if you look at where the traffic to IYP sites stem from they are extremely prone to losing traffic to changes in Google’s algorithm.

I posted earlier about the IYP networks losing page views from the increase in local map display on Google’s page results.

According to

6 Month Comparison of,,, and

6 Month Comparison of,,, and

What is obvious is: As local internet search traffic and references increases you will not see a comparable increase going forward for local interactive yellow pages sites.  Take a further look at this information:

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