Google Voice + Google Local Listing Ads = The perfect local advertising combination for Dallas Small Businesses

Introducing Google VoiceGoogle Voice call blocking limited, company says only 100 phone numbers do not have call connectivity.

As I said in my previous post about the impact of Google’s latest move into the business telephone business. I believe that Google Voice will be a great source of call tracking in the future if they allow you to purchase additional phone numbers. I am hoping that they incorporate this in the Local Listing Ads they are testing in a San Diego and San Fransisco.

I also think it would be great if Google offered some sort of phone number search in the near future as well as a “listed number title option” that can be indexed in Google Local Listings and Ads. This would be a very powerful strategy to dominate the local search market and keep up with Search at the same time.

Easy sales pitch for Google and a much harder one for resellers such as Idearc Media (, AT&T,, and other big corporate resellers in my opinion. I am anxious to see what takes place in the next 12 months! Google is getting very aggressive with rolling out offering that help local SMB’s…… my future clients will rejoice!

Here is the preview for the Local Listing Ads.

Now available in San Francisco and San Diego, Listing Ads in Local Business Center allows business owners to easily advertise locally on Google. The first 30 days are free, and there’s no work after you set up your account. Visit to get started
10 Steps to Help Your Dallas Area Business Survive & Thrive During the Economic Recession

Mike Stewart the Dallas Google Guru is here to help!


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