Idearc Media phone number list source and deregulation cause FairPoint phone book to have missing numbers and errors – New Hampshire news, business and sports – More FairPoint woes: Phone book lost numbers – Wednesday, Nov. 11, 2009

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If you can’t seem to get the phone book to be any more accurate than the internet…. why bother printing it? Seems as though the companies need to get it right if they are going to attempt to state that they are the “best yellow pages” out there. If you saturate my house with phone books… atleast make sure the information is accurate. It isn’t enough that the yellow pages industry saturate our Dallas area homes, they also don’t seem to be that interested in making sure the information is accurate! Take some accountability and fix the problem… might go along way to creating the subscription based business model consumers deserve!

Meanwhile folks in New Hampshire are going to really not suffer as much as regulators might think. Take a look at the recent comments from local consumers regarding FairPoint’s phone book mistakes and Idearc’s errors when the the local phone book was published.  See, it wasn’t a big deal after all. AT&T also has announced recently that it intends to stop printing as many White Pages directories.


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