Google webinar on the recession, economy, marketing in 2010…. out with the old, in with the new!

With 2010 just around the corner, getting ahead of the recovery is top of mind. But where should a marketer focus? In our ever-changing marketplace, marketers need to thoughtfully plan the moves that will differentiate their offerings, increase competitive advantage, and seize opportunities as the economy recovers. On November 10, 2009, Google’s Bonita Stewart, Managing Director of U.S. Sales, hosted a webinar covering these topics.

* Social Networking @ 16%

* Twitter impact

* Subscription marketing

* Ratings & Review Sites grow

* Consumers are SEARCHING more than ever, not just text, but images and video as well.

“Short and sweet…… the manner in which you market your brand must keep up with consumer demand”.   – Mike Stewart

Marketing in 2010 will change consumer buying habits. Consumers want to connect with businesses. Imagine having a discussion with a potential client on Facebook, Twitter, or a online chat prior to providing the service for that consumer. Marketing in 2010 can be measured unlike marketing in 2008. Times are changing.

Deliver your brand message while offering consumers the ability to engage at the same time. Create a YouTube channel to allow clients the ability to subscribe.

You cannot manage what you cannot measure!

How to Link Google Analytics to AdWords accounts:

and last but not least… how to track and determine your Return on Investment (ROI)


2 Responses to Google webinar on the recession, economy, marketing in 2010…. out with the old, in with the new!

  1. Matt Brotherson says:

    Quote:Marketing in 2010 can be measured unlike marketing in 2008

    One would assert that no year will be exactly alike. The above statement is nonsense. Any metric can be measured – positive or negative. Perhaps you meant the measurable metrics themselves are different between time periods in definition or importance?

    • I was specifically referring to how measuring marketing pertains to local SMBs. Up until 2008, measuring the effectiveness and ability to convert ad dollars into revenue ( and ROI ) was not as big of a concern, where to invest the ad dollars to generate the best rate of return has always been. Tools for measurement such as call tracking, advanced analytics, and new methods of measuring response have made an impact on the future of multi-media marketing. Assuming that print does not erode from digital media, tracking the effectiveness of ones marketing efforts will be a focus going forward. ( especially in the case of .com media which is becoming inundated with new advertisers )

      EX: Print Yellow Pages will be offering call tracking not to prove value, but to retain advertisers by reducing client churn.

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