Are you having problems with your “SMLocal” advertising?

SMLocal + Your Own AdWords Campaign = No Phone Calls

I have a “former client” who I helped setup a Google AdWords campaign. He also signed up with Idearc to have listings on He specifically instructed Idearc’s PPC managers not to put him in Google distribution. The reason for this was because he had a great performing campaign on Adwords already. After a few months, Idearc asked him to raise his budget. He agreed to do so. Apparently without his permission they also overlayed his existing Adwords campaign with his “SMLocal” campaign. For the past few weeks he has been wondering why his calls dropped to his office.

Go figure! And to boot….. they don’t offer customer service on Saturdays!

This PPC campaign manager also seems to be really good at copying other companies ad messages and campaign settings!  lol

The other day I searched for pics of Gina Carano (the talented female cage fighter who I think is extremely “HOT”) and found another “former” client, John Teakell (one of Dallas’ top criminal defense attorneys) on a page result. Now that is some impressive talent at wasting a clients click budget with “content network” folks! Only a company that specializes in print advertising can do this kind of think for you with the internet.

Here is a pic:

How does Idearc Media waste your click budget with content network?

I am guilty of taking the results or “lackthereof” personal. I really want my clients to succeed and make money. I am passionate about Search Engine Marketing. When I earned the trust of a client to represent his business and provide a return on this investment, yet the company does not have the desire or tools to fulfill his expectations, I take it personal.

Take a look at the website Idearc and did for Robert at All Action Water Extraction & Carpet Cleaning Fort Worth Tx

Pretty bad if you ask me! They could have at least taken the time to make sure the page titles were setup for search!!

I am going to build a site for him. He did a great job cleaning my carpets a month ago! He is a really nice guy to boot!

He charged me $145.00 to clean all of my carpets and even went as far as wiping the window sills when he moved my furniture, two other well known carpet cleaning companies in Dallas-Fort Worth charged me $220.00 and $310.00 for the same quality service.

Fort Worth Carpet Cleaning by Robert at All Action

Picture of Robert's truck in front of my home while cleaning my carpets.


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