Idearc Exec resigns amongst allegations of fraud and cheating local advertisers

If an executive of your organization committed fraud and the other executives covered the actions up with an announcement of “retirement”, would you want your company to announce it publicly? PR Nightmare….. who will force Idearc to be accountable for the actions of executives? Is Verizon accountable for the companies debt burden and bankruptcy? Are they taking accountability? Should be not hold our executives to a higher standard? Decisions made at the executive level impact the lives of many families.

The President of Marketing and Transformation at Idearc Media is resigning due to allegations of fraud and using power as an Area President of the organization to get her husband’s paving business in the front of the existing Paving Contractors in the Greater Dallas Verizon Yellow Pages. Doesn’t surprise me folks. This is what I have been saying is wrong with the corporate ethics and culture within the organization. Apparently the latest news is that she authorized a new heading at book close II on the book designated “Pave Stone” which appeared before “Paving Contractors” (and is also a brand name and I am sure the co-op is another issue) thus allowing her husband’s paving company to be ahead of larger full page ads with a much lower cost 1/2 page ad. I recall this going around local management and the media consultant who was required to make the submission.

This is unfair to other advertisers. This is not ethical. Although I do find it disturbing that they are announcing her retirement as President of Marketing and Transformation. Just as fishy as the manner in which the company was spun off with a heavy unbearable debt burden from Verizon (along with Hawaiian Telecom and FairPoint Communications who are also bankrupt from debt burden) to become a stand-alone organization. Verizon used the funds to finance FIOS.

Other questionable potential questionable activities that should be asked of auditors and investors:

  • directives from executives to RVP’s regarding the reporting of sales net losses (nice bonuses!)
  • quarterly decrease and cancel reporting for directory publications (report the losses later with book close extentions)
  • pricing for Greater Dallas advertising under $850.00 per month credit limit (more potential credit concerns)
  • changing credit policy that increases risk while disclosing collection issues to investors (not disclosing the softened credit policies)
  • sales reps disclosing private company information to competitors (sales ethics violations)

Immediately upon taking office as the new CEO of Idearc Media, Scott Klein, hires his former sales manager at the building supply company to head one of the three sales regions, then the same Executive Vice President recently hires his neighbor to be the new Texas area Sales Manager…… And employees like myself who have contributed to the organization wonder why the ceiling is so low at the organization.

This entire thing just sounds like a bunch of cronyism that small business owners and investors might need to be aware of.

For more information stay tuned to

If this is the level of Corporate Leadership you can expect from Idearc, why would you not want Union representation to protect you? My mother, TC (Stewart) Adams, was a Union Steward at GTE Telecom back in 1997. I always grew up listening to the inner workings of the union. Being a Conservative thinker, I’ve never believed union representation was in the best interest of employees. I remember when management told the Local Dallas CWA Union to leave the building at 4500 Fuller Drive in Irving Tx (the local Dallas area sales office for Verizon Directories.) After witnessing questionable activities and lack of corporate direction from the Executives in the organization, I am starting to think the union might further protect the employees from this mess? I also feel additional confidence in my future as a local search marketing specialist to local Dallas area business owners. Hope other employees make the transition.

BTW, how did Sandy Henjum manage to get on the Board of Directors for the Dallas Better Business Bureau? Are they aware of what she did? Are they going to investigate this action by a board member?

What are your thoughts?

Mike Stewart
-The Dallas Google Guru-
former Idearc Media Consultant from 2000-2009

14 Responses to Idearc Exec resigns amongst allegations of fraud and cheating local advertisers

  1. Mike Stewart says:

    So why was Scott Laver forced out? They get rid of one of the few executives with advertising industry experience who is not crony.

    This guy from Pepsi Marketing is making decisions that I don’t agree with. Good news for them is I don’t work there and if I did my 9 years experience doesn’t matter to him to begin with. After all, yellow pages media consulting is now worse than being a used car sales guy (no offense car sales guys, but you know what they say.) “Hire the masses, and fire their asses!” Why don’t they concentrate of training them beyond the ridiculously simple paid search only internet product offering. 30% of clicks are paid search. 70% is organic. Google has 65-75% market share of search. Idearc focuses on the simple stuff and forces you into a contract to do internet advertising which should be monthly. Meanwhile they try to justify mediocre returns.

    I would love to do a side by side comparison of what I can do and what your average client gets for $800.00 per month in management fees and a $2000.00 PPC budget. Let you know a secret. Keyword Research and Landing Page creation is the trick to good PPC results. Not a Yellow Pages taxonomy and disregard for a sites appearance.

    But hey, I have only been doing this for a few years. I built my first PPC campaign for someone back when Overture was “around”.

  2. […] According to Mike Stewart at DallasSeoGuru, Idearc Media’s President of Marketing and Transformation (the company that published the Verizon Superpages) has found a new way to screw local businesses. She inserted an ad for her husband’s business in a new category that’s alphabetically just before all of his competitors: Apparently the latest news is that she authorized a new heading at book close II on the book designated “Pavers” which appeared before “Paving Contractors” thus allowing her husband’s paving company to be ahead of larger ads with a lower cost full page ad. I recall this going around local management and the media consultant who was required to make the submission. […]

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  5. Mike Stewart says:

    Today I heard horrible news from a few former Idearc (now SuperMedia) co-workers that Mrs. Sandy Roach Henjum passed away.

    I am so sorry to hear this. I knew Sandy Roach Henjum while working as a sales rep in her region. My prayers go out to her kids, family, and to her friends.

    I also heard that SuperMedia is flying the flags at corporate half staff (just as they did when my Mother lost her life in October of 2008, in a motorcycle accident, while also being an employee with Idearc). As someone who has experienced such tragedy, I want to thank those that chose to honor her in this manner. It means very much to family and friends. I meant allot to me.

    My sympathies go out to those that were close to Sandy.

    There is an increase in traffic to this blog via search queries related to “Sandy Henjum”, I felt that I would take a moment to comment tactfully considering the nature of this original blog post.

    My prayers to you all.

    Mike Stewart

    • Katie Roach says:

      I appreciate your tact, Mr. Stewart. Sandy was my mother and while I understand the professional nature of your article, no one would know better than I what a wonderful and genuine, loving person she was. No matter the mistakes she made or allegations posed against her, I know all of her co-workers, and not one was unwelcome in our home or had a negative word to say about her inside or outside the office. I realize this is quite delayed but this is my first time to see this article and I wanted to thank you for being kind in remembering her.

      Also- My mother made it on the Board of Directors for the Dallas Better Business Bureau because she absolutely kicked ass at her job 🙂

      • Mike Stewart says:

        Katie, I am sure this Christmas is a tough one. This will be my 3rd Christmas without my Mom. It does get easier, but you also sorta adjust to it with time. My experiences of her were wonderful. I have no personal issues, just professional ones related to the companies management team and their decisions.

        As I told someone from SuperMedia years later after losing my Mom, the vocal support from the corporate folks was nice, yet the professional help, support, and guidance was non-existant in times like these. I pray things have changed for you. Merry Christmas.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Very very sorry to hear about Sandy’s sudden demise, I’m still in disbelief! Hope her kids are holding up well. No matter what allegations, she was a great lady at heart with an amazing zest for life and sense of humor. Her holiday parties were legendary, will miss her cheer this season.

  7. anonymous says:

    Sandy will surely be missed.. Energetic… full of life. In the day and age of Corporate cutbacks, demoralized troops, Sandy was always a ray of shining light. Always a smile, always a warm, kind word.

    • I know SH says:

      Thank you for saying a positive wrod about Sandy. She will be missed by all her friends and family. She is a ray of sunshine and warmth no matter what class of people you are from.

  8. I know SH says:

    If you donot have your facts you should not publish false information. The exec that supposedly added headers to add the company is false. The headlines where added before she even met her husband. Wake up and smell the TRUTH.

  9. […] Verizon was sued by the Idearc bankruptcy trustee.  This is not the first time an executive from the company has resigned or been fired for questionable actions and activities. If you are a SuperMedia employee, just think, it can’t get any worse and the end on Scott […]

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