Just “Google Me” baby!

December 6, 2009

Have you ever wanted to meet folks that have the same name as you? What if you could?

Jim Killeen did a video about video search results for his name.

This is documentary about a guy, Jim Killeen, who Googled himself and then went all over the world meeting others with his name.

I must warn you: THE VIDEO IS 1:36:38 minutes long. Great idea though!

Interesting moments in the film:
@ 07:40 woman finds out a video exists of her online she doesn’t want
@ 08:20 says he doesn’t want to leaf thru phone books at the library (do YP companies double check library distribution?)
@ 10:10 what technology means to us
@ 10:20 Jim finds out the history of his last name
@ 11:50 a commercial comes on and I realize that YouTube (the #2 search engine on the internet) is going to kill TV!
@ 12:30 The lifestyle of a Priest in Ireland
@ 13:50 Priest comments on child molestation
@ 14:30 What is our purpose in life?
@ 17:25 The difficulty of meeting new people, our fear of others!
@ 18:30 Off to NY to meet a retired NYPD detective
@ 19:20 The worst place to play hide and seek with a cop is your TV!
@ 20:40 Do you remember the Happy Land fire in New York?
@ 23:50 What is man’s purpose in life?
@ 23:30 Google Me without Google’s permission! Are you nuts?
@ 25:10 Before the days of every kid having ADHD/ADD
@ 26:20 We find out something shocking about this particular Jim….. swingers anyone?
@ 28:00 Jim can’t keep a wife….. Jim’s marriage fiascos.
@ 29:00 What kind of parties do these crazy folks like?!!?
@ 30:30 We find out this Jim doesn’t have the answers (man’s purpose answered again)
@ 31:00 Jim hits on Jim? Did that really happen?
@ 31:18 A joke: “A Priest, Cop, and a Swinger walk into a bar…..”
@ 32:00 Jim Killeen the Sales Guy! (now this is a man I can respect, no office swingin Jim!)
@ 37:00 A prayer at dinner with two Jims and the family
@ 39:50 What is man’s purpose (a great answer Jim!)
@ 41:20 You are only a few folks away from knowing someone at Google! (LinkedIn works too!)
@ 42:00 I want a tour of Google!
@ 43:15 Are you a gay porn star?
@ 45:00 Life in the Down Under!
@ 45:20 Vita-Vita-Vega-Min (wasn’t that on I Love Lucy?)
@ 48:00 Football…. .Australian style!
— commercial break for a puzzling question: Telstra in Australia….. local Telco…. monopoly, duopoly, or industry saturation??? Hmmmmm —
@ 54:00 What is a “round-about”?
@ 55:00 Scottland.
@ 57:20 From the looks of it haggis does not seem so tasty!
@ 58:50 How did Kilts come about?
@ 1:00:03 The art of gambling
@ 1:06:00 Why drugs are not always the cure
@ 1:16:00 The city of Killeen Tx rolls out the red carpet for Jim Killeen and proclaims “Jim Killeen Day” WOOHOO
@ 1:17:00 A joke: So all these Killeens show up at a hotel…..
@ 1:21:20 Killeen family tree and “The Waltons”
@ 1:22:15 St. Jude is the Saint of “Hopeless Causes” LOL
@ 1:27:00 What does Jim Killeen think of George Bush?
@ 1:28:20 PC

I thoroughly enjoyed the documentary. Visit the Google Me Youtube channel at here.

Just Google Me baby!

Just a suggestion for Google…. it is time for a Google jingle!

This one doesn’t work for me!

How many keywords and the Adwords Editor for Pay Per Click advertising

December 6, 2009

Google has a tool you can use to bulk edit Pay Per Click campaigns-

Plug in to the power of AdWords Editor

AdWords Editor is a free Google application for managing your ad campaigns. Use it to download your account, update your campaigns with powerful editing tools, then upload your changes to AdWords.

I don’t think you see many situations were a local Dallas area business will have as many as 10,000 keywords in a local campaign. Usually you find 10 big ones, 40 productive, and a max of 200 total. Cutting your keywords down and separating the good ones into campaigns is an effective means of raising your keyword quality scores. Local PPC management is not as complex as some lead you to think.

If you would like additional ideas on Search Engine Marketing and AdWords Campaign management, visit the DFWSEM website for up-coming Paid Search trainings and meetings.

Jonathan Volk, a super affiliate marketer, comments on using the Adwords Editor for more than 10,000 keywords:

Adwords Editor

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Meanwhile, I am planning on doing a test of Google’s customer service for AdWords help tonight. Sent the email to them at 7:08 or so p.m.

Let’s see how long it takes Google to respond. I attempted to resolve a download issue with Vista using Google’s suggested “Command Prompt” work-around. Here is a screen shot of my error: (and another reason why Vista is a pain in the horses tuckus)

Adwords Editor Download Issue with Vista

Stay tuned to my blog for future AdWords management tips for local Dallas area businesses!