Poll: Tax for the Cost of Yellow Pages Disposal? | via The Deets

December 17, 2009

Should Yellow Pages publisher’s pay a tax for the cost of disposal of the waste the industry creates? What impact could future government legislation have on the print yellow pages business? What are local rules regarding distribution and solicitation of unwanted waste?

Millions of Americans want phone books. Millions of other Americans don’t want phone books. Should phone book companies and publishers pay for the costs municipalities pay in order to deal with the solid waste created by the publishers? 

Large Dallas Law Firm Office does not want phone books

McKinney Ave Law Office in Dallas Tx elevator sign regarding phone book delivery

Great discussion. I see an industry that is very susceptible to government regulation. I am sure the industry had lobbyists working with legislature now to protect the future of “saturation distribution” 


Here is a great discussion by Ed Kohler of TheDeets.com 

Tax for the Cost of Yellow Pages Disposal | The Deets 

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