Reason #1 Why You Need a Local PPC Coach: Outsourcing!

December 18, 2009

Who is to say the big large media company doing your Pay Per Click advertising won’t outsource the work to India like they are doing to other jobs?

Just sayin,

Mike Stewart

Inspiration from Another Main Street American

December 18, 2009

So this guy LTC (R) Allen B. West is running for Congress down in Florida.

This video brings out many emotions in me. He is another Main Street American. He has my respect. He earned it.

and this latest news gives me hope for the future!


Tim Cox’s GOOOH Party may be the answer

Chicago 12/18/2009 03:35 AM GMT (TransWorldNews)

An NBC/Wall Street Journal poll released Wednesday asked voters to rate Democrats, Republicans and the Tea Party movement as positive or negative. The Tea Party topped the list at 41%, either Very or Somewhat Positive, Democrats followed with 35%, Republicans, 28%.  It seems there is some discontent out there!

Tim Cox is deeply aware of that discontent, and is scheduled to appear on the Fox & Friends morning show, this Sunday at 7:50 EST.  His organization, called “Get Out of Our House,” or GOOOH (pronounced GO), promises a sensible, practical way to replace every member of the House of Representatives.  GOOOH was the brainchild of Cox, a Texan whose simple plan takes the two parties and the corrupting special interests out of the political process. GOOOH replaces “professional politicians” with citizen legislators who serve their country and go home.

1. GOOOH candidates are selected for all 435 House seats outside the election primary process.
2. Candidates are selected locally by their peers, based on  their answers to a 100-question issue survey.  Issues are determined locally.  GOOOH is a party without a platform.
3. Each GOOOH member pledges to donate $100 to fund a national campaign, generating $50M from 500,000 people.
4. Candidates pledge to limit themselves to two terms in office.

Go to to see videos of GOOOH founder Cox explaining the GET OUT OF OUR HOUSE concept.

Cox said, in an interview Wednesday on WGN Midday News, Chicago, “We contend the problem is politicians of both parties.” Cox sees GOOOH as a system that groups across the country can utilize to elect their candidates. Cox envisions the day, coming soon, when “GOOOH will combine all these splinter groups into a baseball bat!”  Watch Tim on Fox & Friends this Sunday, 7:50 a.m. EST.

If the Tea Party were a political movement I would join in a heartbeat. I am just about sick of politicians spending money. Just because the Federal Reserve (which is no more government owned than Federal Express) and the banks own the Government, does not give them the right to spend my money on an entitlement society. Crony capitalism needs to be put to a halt.

My suggestion: Invest in companies that have the same beliefs and ideas that you do. Don’t believe in Abortion? Stop supporting those that support it? Don’t believe in lobbyists? Stop electing politicians who support them. If a corporation is guilty of putting people in homes who can not afford them. Stop investing in them. Punish with your investment dollar. DirectTV says Merry Christmas. Target doesn’t. Don’t agree with taking the Christ out of Christmas, don’t shop or invest in Target. Seems like a pretty good means of fixing Wall-Street and corporate America if you ask me.

I am officially one step closer to being a Tea Partier! I prefer Texas Iced Teas.