The Tenth Amendment is “Anti-Socialist” Folks!

Step 1: Do It.

Step 2: Talk About It.


Talk About It. (Change.)

Then Doing It. (But Not the Change we Expected.)

The Tenth Amendment:

The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.

The Texas Republican Primary is soon and I am anxious to see how it turns out. Politics will soon be hitting folks in Texas about as hard as the Winter Olympics and folks bearing the cold up North.

I agree with Rick. The tenth amendment is being ignored. The federal government is stepping out beyond the Constitution. Health care needs to be at the State and not Federal level. So many things are being targeted for take over by an out of control United States Federal Government who proceeds to grow beyond management.

Imagine the level of service they would be capable of providing if they became smaller units and departments such as the government of the State of Texas. Size is often the issue for organizations. Too many mid level managers… big issues. To few “decision makers” and nothing gets done. Over measure and nothing gets done. Under measure and make poor decisions. When times our changing, our government just like businesses must also change. We must roll with the punches. We must reach out and connect on a closer level. Something you can’t do behind doors and without a transparent form of mass communication and individual discussion. This also applies to self-proclaimed aristocracy type people who think they know what is best and pursue an agenda to quiet the voice of workers, clients, voters, tax payers, and colleagues. Like corporations and policies related to the Freedom of Speech.

Web 3.0 is coming. Obama’s young progressive and liberal supporters were the first to leverage the power of the internet. Tea-party minded folks who are upset with big government are now online. Facebook’s average user is 37 years old.

Just wait.

The Pro-Socialism and Anti-Freedom movement is taking off. Looks like we are going back to the battle front on Government Bail Outs, Take Overs, and Corruption. Social media opens up new forms of transparency. Exciting times indeed.

God Bless the Texas Republic. The roots of our history run deep. We have a common purpose. We have a common culture. We also welcome ideas that help us provide for others. We love our neighbors. On Sundays we bless our families, our schools and teachers, our friends, and our enemies.

I am a young Texas Conservative who always gets excited about discussions regarding the 10th Amendment!

2 Responses to The Tenth Amendment is “Anti-Socialist” Folks!

  1. “pro socialism anti freedom”
    Whereas the conservative approach has been to force capitalism onto Latin American countries and kill them if they don’t take it willfully. American “freedom” from the Right Wing is hypocritcal at best, and fucking disgusting at worst.

    I’m pro-socialist, because I put more faith in government than I ever will in big business.

  2. Mike Stewart says:

    Have you studied the effects of Communism in Russia and how starving hundreds of millions of Russian citizens while shipping wheat to “Industrialize” Russia? This was not capitalism at work. What about the Holocaust? Do you also believe this was communism?

    Go take your Che Guevara tie dye shirt and burn it.

    What you fail to realize is that I am not pro big business. I am pro small business! America is not what it is because of big business. It is worse. Small businesses (regardless of size) is what makes this country better than Latin America. If you think Socialism helps small business….. you need to take a course in History from another new professor.

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