@yellowcrooks Did You Memorize The Perfect Yellow Pages Sales Pitch by SuperMedia?

Memorize the Perfect Pitch…. It goes something like this:

The local advertising world is very complicated. There are lots of choices and everybody wants your business.  Today, I’ll show ya how to simplify all that so I can earn your business. We’ve improved our ability to connect buyers and sellers with the changes we have made to our business. For a lot of our clients this connection is the difference between making ends meet, or making it big, between writing down losses and ringing up sales.  It really comes down to helping you protect your current and referred clients, bringing in new clients, and most importantly making money. The best place for us to start is to look at how many people are looking for a product or service just like yours {in your local area}. Research indicates that {percent} of the adult population {in your local area} was in the market for your service last year. In this market that is about {really big number} adults. Does that sound about right to you? Those {really big number} are in different stages of making a buying decision and are influenced by different forms of  media based on where they are at in that process. For example, disengaged consumers are not actively shopping. However, they are still exposed to ad messages from traditional media like billboards, tv, and radio,  which build brand name and brand awareness.  Passively engaged consumers are shopping around, researching, and thinking about making a purchase. They are often influenced by media like direct mail, magazines, and newspapers.  Incentives or special offers can move them to buy.   Ready to buy consumers are actively engaged. Media like local search, internet yellow pages, and print yellow pages target these buyers at the exact moment they are ready to spend money. The best advertising mix reaches all three and not only bring in the most qualified new leads, will also help protect your referred or repeat business. Whether someone has passed by your building or been influenced by your advertising, being online, in the book, or in the mail will help make sure that they don’t end up as someone else’s customer. Although current customers are the mainstay of most companies, research shows that businesses can lose up to 1/3 of their clients/customers every year. In order to make sure that your business continues to thrive, you need to be able to reach new clients who have moved into the area, have an emergency, or possible are undergoing a life changing event. Whether they know you or not, advertising helps you maintain your current customer base,  grow your market share, and reach new customers to replace the ones you lose. My job is to show you how to make money through an effective media plan. Because we specialize in results. Blah blah blah results ….. “click here results, ring the phone results, knock on the door results.” So, Click ring knock. That’s the sound of your business growing. And I will help it grow with a media plan that includes SuperYellowPages.com, SuperPages Direct, and SuperPages.com. Which will help deliver your share of the active buying market. No other media firm can deliver the active market in {your area} like we can. I‘ve been told by other businesses the easiest decisions to make are those based on fact. Ratings and research provides the facts about advertising. Let’s look at the research in your market. This research was provided by TNS. The world’s largest provider of market research on consumer buying habits. They have over 15 thousand employees worldwide, with clients like Toyota, Microsoft, and Proctor and Gamble. This research illustrates the influence different media types have on consumer purchases. It also validates that consumers refer to multiple forms of media when making a buying decision. This will help us determine how to allocate your media budget. SuperMedia’s advertising solutions are among the most influential. We are confident we can help you capture your share of dollars being spent in your category. We deliver {distribute via saturation} quality products supported by {copied} differentiators our competitors just don’t have. Here is another reason to choose SuperMedia products. Consumers are choosing SuperMedia over other local media, because they are protected by the SuperGuarantee Program. They have OUR WORD {LOL at that} that service providers will get the job done right, or we will step in and make it right, guaranteed. We have seen our usage grow since introducing the SuperGuarantee, and this benefits you directly. Doesn’t it make sense to leverage the SuperGuarantee and capitalize on its success? At the core of our transformation is our “Super Promise” {lol again}  Many organizations have a mission, we have a purpose {to chase you with collections attorneys in the event we fail to deliver results after your 12 month contract, we do not guarantee results or our service}, which is defined in our promise. You can be assured that I will communicate in a direct and honest manner. That I am committed to going to work for you {or the highest bidder…. and the next potential sales lead} and will strive to meet your expectations, and that I will build a partnership with you to take on a world of changing ideas. If I failed to fulfill my SuperPromise, please contact our CEO Scott Klein at Scott.Klein@SuperMedia.com. And finally, we’re hosting the SuperTradeExchange, an exclusive program for our clients that will help you save cash and get new customers.  It is like barter, but better, because it allows you to trade your excess goods or capacity for anything else you need in the exchange. Not just 1:1 with another business. We are proud to be SuperMedia. Allies, advisers, advocates and partners for our local businesses.

Now let’s go to work and talk about specific products that will help you grow your business. First, let’s talk about yellow pages. Despite common misconception the yellow pages remain a trusted source for information when making a buying decision. In fact, more than 12 billion references were made last year to print yellow pages. 82% of consumers who made a reference, followed that up with an action, and those spent 25% more than the average consumer. People turn to the yellow pages when they want to make a purchase of a product or service like yours. My job is to make sure you are considered when consumers use the yellow pages and are ready to spend money. A fully integrated advertising program maximizes results. Direct mail turns a passively engaged consumer into an active shopper by providing a compelling offer. In Today’s market, the offer you make is critical. In fact, studies show that 32% of consumers are more likely to use a coupon or offer in the current economic climate. SuperMedia has two direct mail solutions, exclusive mailers and card packs. Our exclusive mailers allow you to target the exact market you want, when you want to reach them. Our card pack options target affluent homeowners in your local area and are distributed quarterly. The best part of our solution is, we will handle it all for you with no list management, postage, or creative development fees to worry about. And as an added value, we will post your mailer online through the Superpages.com network. SuperMedia’s identity bundles take the guess-work out of online advertising by delivering real results. 83% of local search users search for a business online, then contact the business offline. Superpages.com, with a long-standing history as a leading internet yellow pages, and our network of over 250 affiliates will gain you instant access to the millions of potential customers who are online viewing businesses everyday. The foundation of our identity bundles is our business profile, which helps you differentiate your business, by providing searchable information on your products and services, which gives you a greater chance of making a connection with an online buyer.  Additions like SuperSites or SuperVideo, help bring your business to life. So let’s talk about the specific products and services I put together to help you achieve your business goals.  Earlier we discussed the easiest decisions to make are those based on facts {or lip service and jargon and a great script.} Don’t you agree that this plan makes the most sense for you and will generate the business you are looking for? All we need to do now is take care of the paperwork.

I would like to thank you for making the decision to become apart of the SuperMedia family. As we discussed earlier, I am committed to building a partnership with you and exceeding your expectations. And our relationship doesn’t end Today. I am happy to introduce a new program to you called “share the wealth” that can earn you credits to apply to your SuperMedia campaign. All you need to do is refer qualified businesses who then make a purchase from us.  If you know of anyone that can benefit, please let me know. I would be happy to go over the details of the program with you. And before we wrap up, let’s take the opportunity to transfer you to a SuperTradeExchange expert who can help get you trading immediately. The number is 866-988-TRADE. Once again thank you for your time.

Well…. I officially have it memorized after typing it all out. All 5 pages worth of script. Not that I work for SuperMedia anymore… but I just wanted to prepare local business owners for the script that SuperMedia CEO Scott Klein is requiring all of his telemarketers (former Advertising Consultants) to memorize. I am sure eventually folks in India will have serious issues setting appointments with this sort of jargon!

Results like:

-Is there a Guarantee for SuperMedia? In the event the company fails to deliver quality leads for your investment… can you use the SuperGuarantee program against SuperMedia?

-Will SuperMedia ever publish results related to the refunds from the SuperGuarantee program, or is it Lip Stick on a Pig?

-They say partner… yet they only see you when it is time to collect or go over the next years contract and ad copy.

-They talk about the number of references to Yellow Pages, seriously…. do they consider that the majority of the references are to lower populated rural areas and not affluent buyers in urban markets?

-Do they discuss how the value of print has dropped significantly due to saturation distribution and a fragmented print yellow pages industry?

-Do they offer analytics with websites to ensure clients are getting the traffic they are “guaranteed?”

-Do they work on creating content to help clients rank organically on Google, or even consider the value in FREE Organic Search clicks from sites like Google and Yahoo?

-Do they use proprietary website platforms vs open-source content management systems that are always being upgraded with the latest in internet gadgets, widgets, extentions, and gizmos?

-Do they realize that $2500-$3000 for a video produced on-site that doesn’t even have a chance to rank on YouTube is a terrible deal?

-Does SuperMedia realize that a commission sales model does not work in the service industry of search marketing, and only for high margin businesses like Yellow Pages, Bail Bonds, and Legal/Illegal Drug Sales?

I am going to go out on a limb and let local businesses know a secret. You don’t need the yellow pages to succeed in marketing your business. There is a greater volume of leads for local small businesses in urban areas like Dallas Tx on the internet than the phone book. In 2003 the phone book was 73+% of local search. In 7 years it has dropped to below 25%, and that does not even begin to include the impact of fragmentation. How many phone books do you get at your home or business? Why do you need one? Mobile search will completely kill the traditional print industry in urban markets. This is a FACT! I am not saying phone book ads don’t work. I am saying that it is not the same value as:
This blog was finished… until I got a call from a SuperMedia employee and comments about my “knowledge” on local advertising.

I am willing to go toe-to-toe with Scott Klein.  In my opinion he has no clue what businesses really want or need. I can prove it. Stay tuned!

By the way.. .nice script…. I am sure businesses will become so sick and tired of hearing this (just like the Yellow Page Story) that they will sign whatever contract regardless of options for arbitration in the event you fail to deliver on promises of  “new customers” to clients.

Also… why are your rankings dropping so bad? Hmmmm. Bet I know why!

here is a review from http://www.JobVent.com related to SuperMedia:

From irving texas — 03/05/2010

I hear our CEO was paid $8mil to make this the worst place in the world to work. We are driven to put sales on the books no matter what it takes. We are paid ok but the hours they expect us to work 6am to 6pm six days a week is crazy. We are selling print less and less customers want and an internet product that is horrible. We keep telling customers we are a top 25 website when that has not been true since 08. We are required to spend half our day with difficult SuperView and have these daily activities that distract from our productivity. I had great hopes when I got this job and went through the training. The CEO came and impressed all of us with his talk.

Now the talk is he is raiding this company for his own benefit ($2mill bonus for going bankrupt. Look online for our 8k.) and the leadership he has bought off. He and Supermedia is what is wrong in America. I am looking for another job everyday I am in the field. Do not work here! It looks good from the outside but is the most oppressive place you can imagine.

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  1. Mike Stewart says:

    Comments on JobVent.com from current employees: I have never heard the same being said for Kathy Harless or other great executives of the organization, like Scott Laver and a few others.

    superchicksick — Feb. 27, 2010
    What amazed me, was the numerous sexual harassment comments he made. HR is a joke, if you don’t have a CEO to back you. And then the Dallas Cowgirls, and their strip show. Everyone watching it at my division found it sexually offensive. And to be forced/mandatory to watch it, we didn’t get out of the office until going on 7:00 EST. Nuts, I am so super sick of this company, I am focused on applying for other jobs on a daily basis. Nothing out there could be as bad as this company. I am willing to take a 50% pay cut in order to keep my health and sanity. The ethics and integrity of this company is appalling.

    babalooey — Feb. 26, 2010
    OMG, what a waste of over 2 hours of my day watching that dog-and-pony show starring that narcissistic CEO Scott Klein. I couldn’t help but think of how they have a gospel choir and the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders in the same venue. Yep–looks like
    that bankruptcy bonus is going to good use, huh? NOT!!! I really feel SO sorry for all of you folks in Sales who have to put up with that baloney. The company is a sinking ship and I’m sure Scott Klein will leave it in worse condition than when he came on board.

    superdepressed — Feb. 26, 2010
    How true! We watched it also and can not believe our CEO continues to stretch the true, ok he flat out lies about every aspect of our business. No mention of the fact we were worst in class in every catagorie except CEO pay and bonus.

  2. KenC says:

    so I’m just guessing you weren’t invited to their Xmas party????

    • Mike Stewart says:

      Nope. Unfortunately Ken I was not invited. I was told to hit the unemployment line by Bill Brewer the new Texas Sales Regional Vice President on Oct. 5th of 2009.

      But if the rumors are true regarding certain high level management folks fighting at company functions, such as getting plastered, picking fights, then getting punched out, then proceeding to protect his job by claiming he got mugged…. I am kinda glad I was not there! Ken, I know you follow the YP industry very closely. How knowledgeable are you about the internal challenges, management, and sentiment of the employees?

      My negative feelings and opinions are not directed towards the industry or the employees, but towards actions, ethics, and horrible decisions by upper management.

      • Kenc says:

        It is never easy to be told your services are no longer needed, no matter what the job is, or the company. I have gone through it. It’s not fun. But that’s the nature of sales — if you’re not putting up the numbers they think you should be, nothing else matters. No it’s not fair, but that’s the reason sales people will always make more than the average Joe — your upside is higher, and your downside is also more severe.

        As a professional recruiter, all I can suggest is that if your frustrations with them get too exaggerated, too sharp, it will hurt you down the road. I am suggesting you made your point, time to move on.

        Specific to the industry, there is surely a lot of frustration out there right now. This wide spread crappy economy is hurting everyone. It use to be in a downturn only a couple of segments would be impacted, not this all encompassing situation we are in now.

        Print YP is down, but no where near as badly as newspaper and radio. Add in that this is not an industry that’s use to dealing with negative gains. Mix in the increasing interest in digital/online products and you have a perfect storm going on. That of course leads to a lot of unhappy sales people who aren’t able to earning as much as they use to. That isn’t necessarily the fault of the senior leadership at these companies. But it does indicate that how YP industry people sell will need to evolve. Question is which senior management teams will sense that and move quickly to adjust.

      • Mike Stewart says:

        Ken, your comments could not have been stated any better. I agree with you 98%! 2% of me says that if the product you are selling is inferior and mediocre at best it is not the responsibility of sales or media consultants. When churn takes place with good honest paying clients due to a poor product offering that is far from holistic and current, you blame upper management. It was the job of the CEO to address issues and invest the companies money accordingly. They failed.

        The best move Klein can make is to bring someone like Chris Smith back. A local search expert beyond the proprietary (Inceptor) product pushers…. Someone with holistic understanding of the dynamics of local and the ability to create a product offering around that.

        Many have commented on my rants. I am no professional blogger and just a lil local search marketing nut. SuperMedia failed to invest in talent. I argue that besides my numerous President’s Awards for Sales results at Verizon/Idearc and my knowledge of Internet Marketing beyond a rate card and product offering…. I have no problems putting up solid numbers. The local sales offices are much more dynamic than Wall Street or industry insiders know.

        I enjoy my blog… I consider it like therapy!

      • Mike,
        I just stumbled across your blog tonight and want you to know that you have hit everything right on the head. Coming from the territory that has the most tenured reps I can tell you that the morale is at an alltime low and this thing they choose to call a CEO is a lying bastard. His dog and pony show does not work up here in the northeast and his little boy Palowski does not have an original thought in his brain. Oh yeah that 5 page script, MORE FRICKIN KLEIN EGO!!!!
        The only reps that look good on paper are frauds. Anyone with a sense of decency cannot honestly push these products on there customers.
        Quick update on http://www.jobvent.com, supermedia is moving fast to become the worst company on it, it now shows up on the homepage. A very sad demise to what once was a proud company and product. Yes yellow pages was going to go but starting with Harless and continuing with Klein it did not have to go down this hard and fast. Monumental mistake made!!!
        Keep blogging on this dispicable company!!

  3. Mike Stewart says:

    I hear SuperMedia reps across the country are doing video recorded script presentations Today! I hear many reps are hating Sue (the client on the other side of the script) right now!

  4. Mike Stewart says:

    Rep In Boston…. hang in there. BUSINESSES will always need advertising sales consulting. Regardless of whether your current employer finds the cheese, you must find where your cheese was moved to. I am not trying to come across as a “I told you so” kinda guy, but I predicted the end of GTE/Verizon Directories before Klein took helm, the lack of focus on holistic search was a good sign of challenges to come.

  5. rovedoggy says:

    I came across this site to see if there was anything online about Supermedias perfect pitch and sure enough, I found the whining guru. Hey guru dude,,,, I have a suggestion for ya,,,, have you ever tried GETTING A LIFE! I mean geeeeeeez louise!

    Does this guy have a chip on his shoulder or what! Supermedia this and Supermedia that and Supermedia hurt my wittle feelings and Supemedia blah blah blah blah PUKE!

    I know responding to this type of negative bullchit is futile because you will just rifle back with some other caca mouth crap trying to justify your negative position and so again, I dont even know why I am wasting my fingers typing.

    DUDE????? You can babble on about all that you claim is wrong with Supermedia but your opinion doesnt mean jack!

    After reading your blowg I am convinced YOU ARE AN EXPERT OF NEGATIVITY! Shame on you! Being in sales you should know better!

    Who in the phuck would want to buy a low level blowg like this?

    I can go on for days about how GOOGLE sucks and I am sure you could too. But you probably wouldnt because you are a hypocrite. Their organic search is total bullchit and their local listings are pathetic! There is no consistancy, or certainty and thats exactly how they like it. Oh yes there are some examples of organic success but if it was truly based on relevency, why the need for SEM? CON GAME! SEM is how Google makes their billions and that seems to be how youve been getting paid since being fired from Verizon. And as far as being a SEM expert HAHAHAHA! Who the hell isnt these days?

    Is Supermedia perfect,,,,, No. Do they have their issues,, what business doesnt?

    But Scott has introduced some excellent product offerings into the markey place that are proving to be the major differentiator just as the so call perfect pitch states.

    NEWS FLASH guru dude. The perfect pitch isnt meant to be rattled off like a mind numbed robot until the client pukes!

    It a simple reference guide for the reps to better articulate what exactly it is that we offer.

    It sure sounds better than saying,,,, uh I sell advertising.

    Its no different than if I were to ask you wht you do.

    Example,,, If I were to ask you what you do you may say something like this.

    I am a has been self employed self professed expert in whining, bitching and moaning about something I can do nothing about.

    I have no relevency nor any impact on the issues I bitch about but it helps me feel like I am giving back to society because I am a smelly turd.

    I screw people by marking up the fair market value of the clicks they receive and provide false information any chance I feel I am dealing with somebody when I think I can get away with it.

    I dont appreciate the efforts people make to try and make Supermedia a better compay because I cant see the forest through the trees.

    Tell me Mr Guru,,,,, tell the truth,,,,,, its not the script, its not Scott K, its not about usage or any thing else for that matter. Its really not.

    Isnt it really because you have a small penis and tiny little nuts and your jealous becuase Supermedia has turned things around and things are going great and you thought they couldnt survive without you?

    You were hoping they would crash so you could feel like youve done something productive because you my friend are a negative two faced worthless excuse for a leader let alone a winner. You contribute nothing to the bettermeant of his industry and quite frankly it sickens me that other whiners on this site suck up to your worthless opinions.

    Supermedias doing GREAT!

    Always in the top 30 of every website in the U.S..

    Usage is up 30 percent is most places because of the Super Guaantee.

    Att & yellowbok have no answer for this brilliant program and are geting their ases handed to them.

    Did you know Scott K was part of the team the introduced the Pepsi Challenge? Remember that. Coke sure does!

    Oh but I am sure he was screwing Pepsi too right! Truth is Scott is doing a fantastic job and you hate it!

    So you keep on whining about how Supermedia is the spawn of satan but ratings and research provide the real facts about advertising. SOUND FAMILIAR? I supose Gallup and TNS are wrong too.

    For the record TNS is the worlds largest provider of market research on consumer buying habits with over 15 thousand employees world wide and clients like Toyota, Microsoft and Proctor and Gamble and their research indicates THAT YOU ARE WRONG!

    People, please dont listen to this clown. He is trying to get credibility by stating the obvious that times are tough for many business and to act like hes the chit for predicting the drop of usage in print media. HELLO!!!! Cavemen had stone tires remember? Things have changed and now we have rubber tires. Who cares? Things change? Thats the way it goes. But I sure aint going to fault Supermedia and Scott K for that. Give me a break!

    All in all,,,, Id say Supermedias doing a pretty damn god job. Putting the customer first for the first time in a very long time thanks to Scott K and introducing new and exciting things which this industry has never seen before. Ask AT&T & yellow book,,, I am sure they wish they would have thought of the Guarantee first!

    Is Supermedia perfect,,, golly gee no! But I would take Scotts fresh new approach to this indusrty over the dusty o stale Kathy who did NOTHING to turn things around! And I like Kathy.

    Oh, and did I tell you I made almost $7000.00 dollars commission on my last paycheck? Yeah,,,,,, thats because people arent buying print advertising. Good thing i dont listen to you!

    That 7 G’s doesnt even count my very nice base salary. Remember those? Yeah them bastards at Supermedia give us a base salary too! Dirty dirty bastards. Oh, and those damn benefits they offer,,, them sons of bitches! My wife recently had a surgery and we had to pay,,, oh NOTHING! Crap! I wanted to pay for it out of my pocket! But them damn bastards at Supermedia provide my family with full benes so I had to let the insuranc pay for the surgery. Gawd I hate when that happens. But you know what really sucks the most,,, that 6% 401 K match they offer. You think I like having over 200,000 dollars in a 401 K with the help of Supermedias 6% match? Hell no! Who the heck do they think they are!

    You keep looking for the negative side of life I promise you will find it. At the same time,,, if you instead choose to look for the positive,,, I promise you will find that too.

    • Mike Stewart says:

      Thanks for your comments Rovedoggy.

      Drinking a bit much Kool-aid lately?

      No point in arguing with you. I agree with a few of your statements, such as the negativity and income. I do not agree with your thoughts on Scott Klein or research.

      You comment about gallup. Do you realize how that research is obtained? It is polling. Have you seen ComScore information on SuperMedia being in the top 30 of all sites recently? Do you realize that Google is 65% of all searches and Yahoo is behind at 15%? Where is SuperMedia? What if we narrow down our criteria to just local searches? Do you know how much SuperMedia has lost to Google’s universal search algorythm and maps?

      The demographics on print yellow pages usage indicate that users are less likely to reference the internet. That of course is common sense. With that being said, print users are not mobile search users. Print users are rural. Print users are less educated than internet users. Print users are also older. Yet even the AARP shows that seniors are migrating away from traditional media.

      The Roman Empire fell, and so is traditional media in a digital age.

      Here are a few facts:

      -SuperPages.com is dropping in ranking and is losing share to Yelp.com and CitySearch.com.
      -I have sold print yellow pages advertising in Dallas-Fort Worth for over 9 years.
      -I have won 3 President’s Awards and countless others as a successful media consultant.
      -I have been studying “Search Engine Marketing” for over 7 years.

      -I have sold yellow pages advertising longer than most of the folks on Scott Klein’s executive team.

      -Google advertising is less expensive and more responsive than fragmented print directories.
      -SuperGuarantee was copied from ServiceMagic.com’s Service Guarantee and is not an original idea by Klein.
      -SuperPages.com’s traffic is on a rapid decline.
      -SuperMedia was a 4.2 billion dollar company, overtime became a 3.0 billion dollar company, in 09 was a 2.5 billion dollar company and in 2013 will be a 1.6-1.8 billion dollar company based on the companies own projections and earnings declines. (good luck keeping your high commission, great benefits, and 6% 401k match.
      -SuperMedia is loaded with debt and based on current projections it will take many years to pay back the debt to a position to offer shareholders a dividend.
      -SuperMedia sales declined 20% from 2008 to 2009, and will decline another 10-15% in 2010. What happens when a business sales less and less and has an issue with retention of customers? Debt of 2.7 BILLION is due in 2015, at that time the company will be earning less than 1 billion per year at the current trending pace since 2002.
      -Internet marketing costs 3 times less than print per impression. http://lompro.com/local-advertising/?p=15

      Here are a few opinions:

      -SuperMedia does not need me to survive.
      -SuperMedia is experiencing many challenges.
      -Sales reps like you is why business owners have been getting shitty service from the company for many years.
      -Put your clients ahead of your commissions and earnings…. that is when you earn an honest living.
      -Not all print purchases are bad choices, the issue is the “business model” and ability to keep employees and provide ROI.

      My feelings are not hurt. I spent 9 years at the company from 3 months post High School until Oct. of 2009….. I enjoy sharing facts as well as my thoughts and opinions on the industry.

      If your business is negative, wouldn’t it be a failure of due diligence to not accept the fact that it is negative. After accepting this, the next step is to fix the problem.

      How about subscription based print products to compliment the directory? How about reducing the print size and incorporating real incentives into using the product by the folks in the product? Mail delivery vs wasteful door to door? Advanced call metrics? Mobile barcode scanners? Incorporating detailed area maps? Concentrating on rural markets again?

      What many emotional and irrational sales reps fail to realize is the situation the company is in due to Verizon’s choice to burden the company with debt. The company has 212 million in the bank and free cash flow around 400 million a year, and the rapid revenue decline, it will take more than 7 years to pay back the debt by 2015. Reducing expenses will not make enough difference for the company to afford the debt. SuperMedia also has a very unreal interest rate on the debt.

      All indicators (not including employee moral) indicate that Klein is getting a payoff before bailing the company or a buyout. Who wants to buy the debt? Good question! The only potential merger for the company is Dex One.

      When is the last time a sales consultant received a salary increase? I can recall being at the top of the Texas Division for many years and getting 1-4% raises per year. How much has Klein increased his or his team’s salary since joining the company? Do you agree with this? Is he sharing the “wealth?”

      As far as Google Organic. It by far has the highest ROI of any form of online marketing. This is a fact, local is completely untapped and very few people offer “real” Google local search solutions to business owners. You state that it is not consistent yet as a Local SEO, I can tell you it is very consistent. The proper effort and knowledge is all it takes to rank high on Google. You, like countless other zombies, have very little understanding of Search Marketing beyond what some SuperMedia trainer has told you.

      Good luck and keep up the PMA (positive mental attitude)


  6. […] Yellow Pages advertising companies are “real” competition.  The yellow pages sales pitch has always been a very cut-throat “I am better than they are sales pitch“. […]

  7. Rusty Rectum says:

    Management can take that perfect pitch and wipe their backside with it.

  8. SuperSlave says:

    RoveDoggy’s comments made me laugh. Mike, keep up the good work. It is obvious that you know what you are talking about. I have had many potential sales back out on me from reading this blog, but I hope that our CEO gets what he deserves soon. He needs to be fired.

    Keep up the fight.

    RoveDoggy, you couldn’t be further from the truth with your comments.

    – SuperSlave

  9. Susan says:


    I am a lawyer and have advertised with YP for many years. I found your article honestly refreshing and accurate. YP never bothers to contact me for ‘follow up’ once I sign the contract and then I get yet another ‘new’ rep the following year with the same sales pitch. I will not advertise with YP this year. I am looking to find my traffic “on-line” and to get valuable, accurate information vs. hype.

    Thank you

  10. Mike Stewart says:

    Can you terminate someone’s employment for not memorizing a “perfect sales pitch”? Seriously, that has to be illegal right?

    What idiot came up with this idea? Must be someone who has not consulted with local business owners on advertising.

    • No, the don’t fire you. They give you the paper and let you read it under the camera. This pitch is a joke. Everyone had to memorize it and no one uses it. Some tried and lost sales. Klein took the idea from Johnson & Johnson or someone like that. The plan is to get everyone on one page. The problem with the plan is that there are so many things screwed up in the company that this is the least of their worries. If you saw the show last week you saw the part of where IDS employees are making more money now. Umm… Where? No one is making money in this dept.

  11. Sickofit says:

    Klein the thief was in our office yesterday. Flew there in the private jet to basically tell us the same ol’ lies…we don’t hold loss, the company sales numbers are decent, high level management cares etc. You even got a mention! Basically he said that the company is not going under has strong financial footing and the only ones who don’t think so are “certain bloggers” who are disgruntled because they are not with the company anymore. Everyone I know who was laid off last year is extremely happy not to be at this horrible company anymore. Can I be next to be set free….please!

    • rovedoggy says:

      hey sickofit,,,,,,,

      heres a novel idea,,,,,, try leaving.

      oh thats right,,, you aint got the balls.

      is that base salary? the benes? the commissions?

      I know they suck but if your so fucking sick of it,,, fucking leave you piece of shit.

      Scott Klein owes you nothing you worthess fuck.

      By the way,,, he doesnts owe me jack shit either.

      You want to make a difference,, become the ceo and do it the way you think it should be done instead of talking shit on some worthless fucking blog kissing this shit bag
      so called gurus ass.

      if you hate this company so fucking much,,, fucking leave!

      trust me,,, the grass isnt all that fucking green on the other side.

      we get paid pretty decent for what we do and in this economy,, good luck finding anything close to this opportunity.

      but I can already tell your to much of a pussy to leave because you know its an ok gig and even if you did you would end up being the same bitch you are now at any new company you would end up at.

      next time you want to suck the gurus dick,,, fy to texas asshole.

  12. […] little of the so-called “advanced campaign reporting” that they told me in the “yellow pages internet sales pitch.” Not only did they over promise and under deliver, but I got very few phone calls. Meanwhile […]

  13. Susie says:

    This site is like therapy for me, too.
    When I was let go (along with 6 of my cronies), I breathed a sigh of relief!

    I stayed longer than I should have, but I kept believing it would get better. Surely Klein wouldnt get away with these bogus TV shows, AND having his wife in bed with him, AND having animals destroy each other.
    But…I guess thats how corporate America rolls these days.

    Still astounded….perfect pitch…I’ve been a consultative sales person all my life. I dont want a loser PITCH.

    Worse job I ever had. EVER! But the unemployment money is refreshing!!

  14. The rules are changing when it comes to growing a small business, you can not only put the letter A in front of his business to come first in the yellow pages directory. The rules have changed, because the environment has changed, this is not a bad thing, with tools such as Internet and e-mail has actually leveled the playing field and somehow made it much easier to grow a small business and more costs.

  15. […] @yellowcrooks Did You Memorize The Perfect Yellow Pages Sales Pitch by SuperMedia? « Dallas SE… […]

  16. DM says:

    I believe in miracle can someone tell me what question they ask in the Role play for the Outside Sales Position. I don’t want to over or under sale since I do not have the Product knowledge and info on what can be said and done. Role playing with zero training is well —kind of dumb. Hope this is not a prelude of more dumbness to come. I am too desperate to think about it for now.

  17. KT says:

    OMG is everyone as anger as rovedoggy. Help I have an interview coming up and I do not like all of the dissing and cussing!

  18. DM says:

    I believe in miracles so I will try to work for SuperMedia. Can someone tell me what question they ask in the Role play for the Outside Sales Position?

    I don’t want to over or under sale since I do not have the Product knowledge and info on what can be said and done. Role playing with zero training is well —kind of dumb. Hope this is not a prelude of more dumbness to come. I am too desperate to think about it for now.

    • Susie says:

      Role Play? Just get a copy of that perfect pitch and memorize it. Then learn to over promise and under deliver.

  19. valdaddy says:

    im starting on Monday after a brutal 2 month waiting for everything to go through. I use to do advertising for the Auto Industry for 7 yrs. I believe sales is sales no matter what u’r selling. and one more thing believe in what u do and no matter the place u will always do well. Is there a script i keep reading about and is it verbatim or just a beginning to understanding how we are to talk..meaning the big business words..lol

  20. […] @yellowcrooks Did You Memorize … will become so sick and tired of hearing this (just like the Yellow Page Story … Dallas SEO Expert on The Worst Case of Sleazy Sales… Philip Jepsen on ReachLocal.com is launching … […]

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