Scott Klein will be investigated by the SuperMedia Board of Directors

Scott Klein - Yellow Crook

“Çhange in Control” is like saying, when I bail off the sinking ship, I get paid in full. He knows he will be gone. I am willing to bet the farm. This plan didn’t happen overnite folks. Have you seen the SEC filing, all of his cronies get paid while bond holders, retirees, shareholders, and employees get crap.

– 11 year olds get suite parties by Executives on the company dime.
– getting rid of honest and ethical Scott Laver, Klein’s only form of Executive competition and potential resistance. Laver should have been the companies CEO.
– Bill Brewer is a Klein puppet if you ask me. Although his ridiculous optimism stinks of Klein style narcissistic tendencies.

Scott Klein is on the Board of Directors as Chairman and not surprisingly he chairs the SuperMedia Human Resource Committee which determines bonuses and pay, so regardless of how or why he deserved it, he paid himself a bonus folks.

It is a fact that even with these “innovative ideas”, SuperMedia is ranked worse in class by all measurements. Very fitting of a CEO who deserves a self rewarding bonus of 2 million. He is also the highest paid CEO in his class from what I understand.

I am going to tell you right now, it has been told to me that Klein is planning on selling the company and making a personal profit for “all the tremendous work” involved in moving the company through bankruptcy and wiping away the hard-earned money of employees and retirees who invested in Idearc/SuperMedia. The company would not be where it is without these folks. It is in the tubes thanks to Klein. Rumor is that he is manipulating the unique visitors of SuperPages via The traffic is on the decline for SuperPages while other local search sites are going up while most consumers shift to digital. The SuperMedia SuperGuarantee’s number of subscribers is also not what you would expect for a new “revolutionary product” differentiator.

It offers the question, must you maintain or increase profit vs wiping away shareholders to earn a bonus? Did I deserve a raise for selling phone book ads while market share was slipping, or for canceling bad debt from non paying customers? Are media consultants not compensated on retention?

If you work for SuperMedia, be aware that your CEO is paying off his “executive team”, the same folks that put the company in this mess from the Verizon days. They are going to load up on stock (while Klein never personally invested his “Millions” in the company while CEO of Idearc) and make a killing when they sell the company to Dex One. Look at his contracts. Look at what he stands to make when the company is parted out. 2 million dollars.

I have more evidence of his actions to quiet or fire Regional Vice Presidents, Whistle Blowers and others who disagree with holding losses and manipulating investors. 2 million

If you were told by Klein to hold losses, be aware that actions are now being pursued to bring Klein to justice. Just because you are appointed CEO, it does not mean the company treasury is your personal piggy bank! Don’t be afraid. Don’t allow his “charm” to mislead you. He is not the Messiah of SuperMedia. 2 million

He got rid of the talented Mr. Scott Laver. His Internet Directors are leaving due to his incompetence and attitude. Please contact me to be connected to a lawyer who is investigating the actions of the Idearc/SuperMedia executives. 2 million

FEAR of losing your job is not sufficient reason to watch your career and the company you put your blood, sweat, tears, and life into be driven into the dirt by a crony Chief Executive Officer like Scott Klein. 2 million

He is going to be caught with is lies and misrepresentations to the board of directors. Trust me! The evidence is compounding and people are talking. 2 million

He has proven that he does not have the experience to lead a consultative sales organization who does not offer a product that is 1/2 as effective or demanded as it once was. 2 million

Have you ever heard of a bankruptcy emergence bonus to a CEO for filing bankruptcy? Do you believe that if you declared personal bankruptcy and wiped away creditors, the same creditors should pay you for filing bankruptcy? Name one company on the stock exchange that has paid a CEO for “efforts to file bankruptcy”? 2 miillon smack-a-roos…..

Additional details (aka: the Kitchen Sink) coming soon. Evidence of manipulation of earnings, traffic information, cover-ups, backroom deals..  you name it!

Hey, at least Kathy Harless kept quiet and did not attempt to become the companies spokesperson and did not parade around flaunting her personal piggy bank. Although if you have ever seen her on camera, you might understand why. LOL. Do you also find his TV shows extremely cocksure?

Do you remember how much Kathy Harless and the same team were awarded by sending the new company on the path of bankruptcy? Pennies compared to Klein.

I am willing to bet a lawsuit that what I state is the 6 to 12 month plan…..expect a “change in control” soon. I say employees request a vote of no confidence in the Executive Team and a termination of his control and the committee see to it that he doesn’t further his personal agenda. He has also made it to where he also can get paid on dismissal. How ridiculous!

Stay tuned. I have very big news to share that will help stop this crony greed and fraud. What have the GTE and NYNEX phone book companies become?

9 Responses to Scott Klein will be investigated by the SuperMedia Board of Directors

  1. Scott says:

    If they come after me, I will fake my death like Ken Lay of ENRON. George Dubya Bush said I can stay at his Crawford, Tx ranch with Kenny-boy. Or I will cryogenically freeze myself and return when all this blows over.

    • Anonymous says:

      Well, as of today, he is out.

    • Biz leader says:

      Thats not the only think you will have faked Scotty boy, how about all the positions you have held over your career, you call that legitimate? I don’t think so. You might want to look into the possibility of sharing a room with your brotha Bernie Made-Off. I think the freezing thing sounds appealing, but I thought plastic could not be frozen?????

  2. SuperSlave says:

    Scott Klein is a Crook! He is driving this company out of business. SuperView is a joke. SuperMedia is a joke. Unfortunately the hay days of yellow pages is over. I just wish we could do what Yelp and other sites are doing online. Instead we have horrible leadership in Mr. Narcissism.

  3. sndrsndvz says:

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  4. anindydrype says:

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  5. whatiifthooughtt says:

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  6. kopele3 says:

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  7. […] Scott Klein will be investigated by the SuperMedia Board of Directors March 20107 comments 32.872152 -96.996093 […]

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