Finally made progress on, take a look!

Whew, now I can shift all the disgruntled rants off of this wordpress blog and put them on the new forum. Let me know what you think about Scott Klein’s favorite domain, the narcissistic CEO of SuperMedia actually made a reference to all the media consultants that Yellow Book’s URL was, at the same time he lied and told employees that they would still have jobs, meanwhile he has made significant focus on cost cutting, terminating tenured talent with higher salaries, and reducing jobs.  Liar Liar Pants on Fire!

If you are at SuperMedia and feel that Mr. Klein needs to go, join the site and post your comments! Trust me, I have had countless emails from current employees, union representatives, folks in Klein’s inner circle.

Thanks Scott for the job security! How many jobs will the millions and millions of dollars you have awarded your executive team have kept on an American companies payroll?

Kathy lied to Ivan about numbers. We all knew it. For years Idearc has made Verizon’s managements “direction” of holding losses and reporting gains. We’ll, we can all say that you took this to a different level vs making the choice to clean it up. Maybe that is why Ivan got sick of Verizon Directories or Verizon Information Services and dumped them off? It is also interesting how the management is mixed with your buddies and Kathy’s former team that you hand selected.

I feel sorry for SuperMedia sales reps. You have very little understanding of how TBS became the “we know Drama” authority or why Polaroid lost out to the “digital camera.” You are far from innovative. Your employees do not feel you are qualified to run the organization and believe that you are corrupt and incompetent.

I am curious. Have you met with Swanson? Do you have his approval for the bonus and Long “Short Term” Stock that states fully vested upon “Change in Control?” Have you and Swanson been meeting frequently?

Did the AOL Time Warner merger happen under the cover of darkness without employee knowledge.

It is predicted that you are bailing SuperMedia. I believe it to be true. What are you going to do now to fix this problem. As a 9 year employee, I have never worked for an individual that was so concerned about himself and not concerned about the lives and careers of those he employs. You worked your way to the top. Credit is due. It is time to realize that your are not worthy of leading the organization.

Soon you will experience an uprising among your ranks. I am going to do everything in my power to share the secrets about YellowCrooks. Call it a Tea Party! Call it disgruntled former employee rants.

I want to hear a new chant for SuperMedia…… from a NEW CEO! Not sure if it is worth your fat payoff to get rid of you.

God Bless the Hard Working Employees of What COULD HAVE BEEN America’s Best National Small Business Advertising Agency.


6 Responses to Finally made progress on, take a look!

  1. Rusty Rectum says:

    It is a den of theives at Supermedia.

  2. Rusty Rectum says:

    Pay: They tweek the pay plan all the time…always in their favor of course…its their ball and their game.

    Respect: Only my peers respect me. I dont respect management at all.

    Benefits: Our health insurance is a complete joke…used to be good, but of course they changed that…and it gets worse year after year, and you pay even more out of pocket…so don’t get sick or you are fired. If you go out on STD, they still hold you accountable for making quota so when you come back they can fire you for performace. This must be illegal in some states.

    Job Security: None…you are as good as what you sold 5 seconds ago.

    Work/Life Balance: They want you to see customers during 7am to 7pm and then after seeing customers, you have to prep, cold call, memorize the perfect pitch, paperwork, close accounts, etc., etc. all on your own time. Most of the time your work will be “held up” for mistakes,for instance, they cannot read a customers signature on a contract….silly stuff that will burn you out.

    Career Potential/Growth: NONE…they hire their friends, neighbors, family, and of course the ever so popular “Yes people”, which is rare to be in management positions. They get the best accounts while the rest of us get accounts that have not paid a dime….so you got to collect first then try to renew them to save your job. If you are hispanic, you should make 100K no problem, because only illegal aliens would ever want to be in the yellow pages.

  3. Rusty Rectum says:

    From chicago — 03/12/2010

    From what I have read, it appears as though the dumbest of the dumb filthy animals work here. Heard Scott Klein is being investigated along with his managers by the feds……..COOL! DID WE CATCH YOU AT A BAD TIME?

  4. Rusty Rectum says:

    The inner circle is crumbling.

  5. Rusty Rectum says:

    From NY — 03/03/2010

    Worse today then it was yesterday and just found out through stock broker friends that there may have been some hanky panky at the top that the SEC will be investigating soon…GREAT thats all this industry needs right now. Great job kathy harless and Scott Klein enjoy your money and if this were the 1800’s you would be sought out by the masses and well you know the rest. You should thank GOD it isnt 1850!

    Prison. We all know what happens in prison.

  6. Anonymous says:

    The Lawsuits are starting to come in from “Wrongfully Terminated” tenured employees!

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