April Fools Day at SuperMedia

Apparently it is everyday!

From another Super Media insider –

Hey, Mike, I just heard that they have let go all the credit reps. They got a package this morning and were told to either find a rep job as a P1 or pack up their desks and get out. You know that this means. Credit will be coming to the field. We’ll all have to defend it (Yeah, right) or we’ll end up losing our jobs, too. I’ve seen what those guys handle. It’s about a third of the money in our division. This is going to be pure blood, man.

You need to say something on your blog about this. We all know regular reps won’t work the credit and it will just get canceled. What’s that going to do to the bottom line and our stock? On second thought, maybe you shouldn’t. lol


Can you believe this? It is only going to get worse. Better hold on for dear life Mr. or Mrs. SuperMedia Insider!

Btw, Do you want to know how sales reps and management at SuperMedia fraud paying clients and also earn commission without making the company a dime of profit? Take a look at YellowCrooks.com for more information. The art of SuperMedia Sales Fraud and how they always manage to put more ads in the phone book while usage and ROI decreases.


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