What exactly does a local Dallas SEO Firm offer its clients?

Someone asked me recently: As a local SEO consultant or local Dallas SEO firm or company, what is it exactly that you offer your search engine marketing clients around Dallas – Fort Worth?

Pretty difficult question to answer. The answer, although somewhat simple, is also heavy in  small details. A simple summary or description does not really describe the level of complex strategizing needed to achieve results.

For years I have been promoting a holistic search engine marketing strategy. One that encompasses all the different aspects of both search engine optimization and local search. This is what the industry calls “Local Search Engine Optimization.” National agencies consider local search marketing Google Maps or online directory listings. Many forget the growing amount of competitive efforts in the local space. Although not as challenging as high query national branded terms, local search is beginning to become much more fragmented, thus also increasing the need for “local search marketing intelligence.”

As a local search engine marketing firm here a few of the areas of practice related to holistic search engine optimization and internet marketing:

  1. Website Design
  2. Market Research Including Competitive Rankings etc.
  3. Your Business Product/Service Research
  4. Keyword Focus and Use of Local Geography Words
  5. On-page Website Content Optimization, Design, Link Structure
  6. Creating New or Claiming Existing Local Business Listings
  7. Directory Submission
  8. Optimizing Local Business Directory Listings
  9. Building Citations and Links to Enhance Listing Rankings
  10. Creating User Generated Content
  11. External Link Building
  12. Encouraging Customer Testimonials and Reviews
  13. Image Search Optimization such as Google Images etc.
  14. Video Search (YouTube) Optimization
  15. Website Landing Page Conversion Optimization
  16. Pay Per Click Campaign Management for Google, Yahoo, & Bing
  17. FREE Google Analytics Setup, Reporting, and Management <—— I offer this FOR FREE!
  18. Reputation/Review Management
  19. Social Media Set-up Such as Twitter, Facebook etc.
  20. Ghost Writing
  21. Social Media Commentary
  22. Content Network Campaign Management
  23. IT Support
  24. Email Marketing
  25. Call Metrics / Call Tracking
  26. Media Buying including Radio, Internet, and Print
  27. Yellow Pages Ad Design and Layout Strategies
  28. Content Writing Strategies
  29. Content Writing
  30. Blogging
  31. Jingles and Voice Mail Greetings
  32. PPC Campaign Builds
  33. Small Business Video Production
  34. Staying Up to Date with Changes in Local Search

Just off the top of my head and a few minutes after 1:30 a.m….. that is all I can give you for now!

If you would like to know more about why Local Search Engine Marketing for Dallas area businesses, which is a service and not so much a focus on “products” (other than Google and Yahoo search engines), just make a call to 214-267-9553 for additional details and the retainer cost for the service.

You can also join me at the next DFWSEM.org Search Engine Marketing meeting on May 19th at the Renaissance Hotel in Richardson. The topic will be “Local Search.”

2 Responses to What exactly does a local Dallas SEO Firm offer its clients?

  1. limewire says:

    lol cool info man.

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