You are the company you keep, SEC investigating SuperMedia and Paulson Hedge Fund relationship

They always say, “You are the company you keep.” When Scott Klein started working on preparing to wipe away Verizon debt and rob shareholders of retirements and bondholders from coupon payments for holding the bonds, who else did he choose other than John Paulson’s questionable hedge fund. The same hedge fund that helped bundle packages of investments, and then shorted them while declaring them good securities.

Is Paulson also a Yellow Crook?

Paulson bought 45% of SuperMedia common stock at $17.00 per share. But if you recall they had an initial offer of $13.00 per share. Paulson raised his bid just enough to cover the other bidder on the company. I don’t recall who made the initial offer. Needless to say at around $44-$46.– per share, Paulson could sell all shares of the company and make a substantial gain.

This poses a question, was Paulson the hedge fund that was NAKED SHORT SELLING IDEARC STOCK? Just like in other cases, did he jump back in to double dip again?

What do you think?


5 Responses to You are the company you keep, SEC investigating SuperMedia and Paulson Hedge Fund relationship

  1. Mike Stewart says:

    I hear the SEC is investigating (someone called me! I feel sooooo special!) a few suspicious trades during the companies quiet period.

    Word the the YellowCrook executives: If you make money via securities fraud…. don’t brag about it to common employees!

  2. Mike Stewart says:

    Go another call from an investor asking about some of Scott Klein’s big dark deep secrets.

    Like how they put 3k on a contract for SMLocal but 2100 of it goes to Google.

    • Stacey says:

      Yes, I know this way too well as I was an optimizer for their PPC programs and I was answering phones for SuperPages.Com. I became Google Certified and started creating Google Campaigns to be placed in their Sponsored Link Sections. There is an option to not go into Google but of course the reps did not tell the customers this as they didn’t want the customers to bring down their monthly budget. Hence, more money in Sales Pockets. SO, when customers would get upset because their 2000 dollar monthly budgets would be gone in less than a week (supposively it was set up so the listings only used that much money for the entire month (toggling). We, on the front lines told managers that this wasn’t happening and they didn’t care)we had to explain to them they were on google and the affiliates. You can imagine the rage that I and the rest of the crew had to deal with on an ongoing basis..Let sales sell how they want and then the people on the front lines answering the phones cover sale’s behinds. It was and still is a sick process. I probably submitted over 200 claims for this problem alone..So, when I hear that 2100 of the 3000 set aside for Search Engine Marketing went to google, I believe it, I saw the proof first hand.

  3. grim reaper says:

    The sec is looking deeper than that I heard. Maybe Dave might watch his career drip down the drain on the stock tip he shared with lane ( yes the dumbass who know nothing and is now in a mgnt postion & in over his head) his neighbor who made a killing in the black/quiet time (made a bank on the stock). I have been asked by many to let the world know how stupid and made fun of he is at work. Hell lane did so well with the stock it landed him a job in MGNT. Thats how to get promoted there, be a team player. Lie, cheat and fuck over anyone you can to make the boss happy. That was once a good company, 6+ years back.

    Mr.J your not far behind him in lost people in positions they should not be in ever! You too are an easy target to look like a dumb ass, shit put your thumbs in your pockets, lean on your heels and look up. why? I guess you think the ability to do you job or answers are floating in the fucking sky. Dude learn policy! Can’t make a wrong desicion if you dont ever make one. Serious, people think you are a tool!

  4. bill gibson says:

    Dear Scott

    Everyone knows and I don’t mean your employees surrender resign it may help reduce your sentence, you scumbag.

    Best regards


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