Corporations must learn lessons too. Does your CEO care?

Former BP ad campaign is now our nightmare.

I was considering posting my thoughts about the Gulf Oil Spill Crisis and BP.

Found out today via Facebook that someone else knows what’s up!

Instead of me offering my opinion, take a look at Paul Dumas website at Optimized Local Search, and his comments related to BP and an unlikely but practical solution to the Gulf Oil Spill.

Seems that we forget BP is a foreign company.  Do you think BP’s executives are handling the situation correctly?

After reading Paul’s thoughts, do you think he is right? Do you think BP = YellowCrooks?

Letting a massive oil company self-regulate its own environmental disaster might not be the way to go.

It is one thing to fail to admit when one of your executives has a drinking problem, it is another to lie about how bad things are.  Is BP trying to get the Gulf Coast to drink oil flavored Kool-Aid? Let’s hide how bad things really are.

Sounds like they have a great future. Time for us to hold corporations, companies, and executives accountable for actions that not only harm investors, but also the general public interest.

That’s my 3 cents.


One Response to Corporations must learn lessons too. Does your CEO care?

  1. Mike Stewart says:

    here was my Facebook comment:

    Accident’s happen. We need to hold corporations, including those that donate tremendous amounts of money to the political organizations, responsible for actions. We must support Gulf Workers and not react in the same way we did after 9-11, another horrible event in our great Countries history. God Bless America. Keep our economy growing. We must also force BP to pay for clean-up. This is why oil companies make huge profits. Maybe BP goes bankrupt, so what? That’s what insurance is for. Insurance goes bankrupt? So what? That’s what Government Bailouts are for! God Bless America! After we clean-up and fix our Gulf, let’s go after our Government and Corporate Greed!

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