Manhattan Yellow Pages directory rumored to finish over -30%………. is this true?

As the title says…… Looking for your information. I predicted -17% on July 27th….. MY BIRTHDAY!!!

If the title is true and Manhattan is over 30% in the hole, well… that 17% will be 25%! Talking about a sinking ship.

Time to realize that folks in Manhattan would prefer a holistic internet marketing strategy and a cost per call phone book directory that is delivered via a revolutionary mailed opt-in hyper local format!

Keep wishing buddy. When pigs fly. Hell freezes over. And executives and short-term investors realize or consider that breaking a company up, outsourcing tasks overseas, padding executive pockets while pretending that “productivity management”  is most likely not a cure for a broken business model amongst a shift in the way people find information….

……………………   like the invention of the TV… Radio….. Telegraph…..  Telephone…..or anything else in history that provides the most information faster and better. Keep in mind, mobile search is expected to grow from 8% to 40% in the next 2 years!

Have a great weekend!


3 Responses to Manhattan Yellow Pages directory rumored to finish over -30%………. is this true?

  1. Jon says:

    Do you know the commission percentage that Supermedia pays their sales people? I am just curious as to how they are incentivizing their sales people and if it is changing over time.

  2. Mike Stewart says:

    16.9%….. wow, they managed to beat my guesstimate by .1%! Way to earn those fat bonuses executives!

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