Yext offers cool Reputation Management Platform to EVERYONE, SuperMedia spends big bucks on announcement…


Ummmm, I called YEXT weeks ago. Never thought SuperMedia’s PR team would be so desperate for news to claim, a social media product announcement!…. Oh wait, it is a FREE product to all. Thanks Yext! How about giving SuperMedia some sort of product exclusivity?

Well, now you clients have a reason to be “in good standing” with a company that fails to stay in good standing with investors and clients!

BTW, Yext offers pay per call for as much as $25 per call, think of it….. better performing campaigns (more responsive) have a lower cost per call (and click for that matter.)

I can’t wait to see how SuperMedia’s unholistic product centric focus will lead to natural mismanagement and sales continuing skill of over promising and under delivering….. meanwhile you get your butt kicked by a holistic internet marketing expert who puts a client before profit. Once you create insatiable value, you don’t lose clients……

Keep bundling the print to get folks to buy overpriced .com products that have stupid longterm contracts for “internet” advertising. Internet marketing is a service…. not a product Mr. DeKlein. But VC’s and building supply folks don’t really get how ad agencies work!

I am digging the YellowBook360 commercials and I hear ReachLocal is about to rollout “ReachCast,” a content based SEM service for free. It is a step up from Yext I hear.

Even better…… Let’s spin another companies FREE product to create a glimmer of hope. What else does “SkunkWorks” really have to offer? Are you kidding me. ROTFLMAO. How about interacting with the community honestly? How about answering the price/value angle? How about innovation? That is what happens when your company Facebook and Twitter page has less followers than I do, and those same pages even consist of 90% employee based “like”s. You saturation distribution (aka unwanted solicitation) guys don’t realize that subscription is the “New Coke”! Yeah I said it…. Coke! Shoot me…. Coke Coke Coke! Doesn’t Dave-O like that stuff? Get hopped up on Coke and then what happens?


3 Responses to Yext offers cool Reputation Management Platform to EVERYONE, SuperMedia spends big bucks on announcement…

  1. Barry Hurd says:

    Looks like we are both on the same channel! I spent my time with GTE/Verizon/Idearc… and the new partnership announcement for the “reputation product” made me gag.

    I wrote a good length piece about it on my blog @

    This type of product is abusive to the end consumer… and SuperMedia has a track record of maximizing profits with sub-standard performance.

  2. Mike Stewart says:

    Take a look at this review of SuperMedia’s “so-called” reputation management tool:

  3. layrenewal says:

    Our experience with Reach Local has been a mixed bag. Some positive results and a lot of garbage. I’m not sure what is up with their system, but we’ve received countless hangups, inaccurate inquiries and experienced a host of other issues.

    Any questions to Reach Local have been met with either no response or “that’s proprietary information.” We don’t need to know confidential information but we sure would like to have problems fixed. I’d caution companies to be careful before buying “ReachCast” and don’t believe the sales pitch…

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