Concierge….. potential future for publishers.

Yellow Page Concierge Services…..

It is not really lead generation, but more of an opportunity for publishers to become a subscription based business.

Service Magic has cost per lead for service companies locked and loaded. Yext is up and coming. Transparency is the future. Why? Because the internet is the “bathroom wall of America.”

Who will be the first publisher to attempt to incorporate pricing (such as a hotel concierge who provides the best deals to VIP clients for local sporting events, operas, and concerts) and providing the best local products and services. Not those backed by some long micro print guarantee that has nothing but a “these are the guys who purchased our ads” seal of approval. Consumers want to subscribe to the best deals. The best providers. And the best resources of information. The best directories offer traffic to advertisers. How do you get traffic? Well, you can buy it (not so smart) or earn it. Earning it requires unique value propositions and key differentiators.

What more can a yellow pages publisher do than stop offering up the biggest ad spenders, but those smbs most capable of servicing the true client of the yellow pages company, the CONSUMER.

Doesn’t sound cheap. Probably requires going back to the “compensation committee” and lowering the CEO’s salary and bonuses. But hey, when your stock is tanking and you already have an exit strategy in place, why would you want to rock the boat?


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