Local Search and SEO Expert Says “Places” is the New “Yellow Pages” of Tomorrow.

Who is going to win? Facebook Places or Google Places? Out of all the millions of websites on the internet, Facebook is soon to be the #2 site, outpacing Yahoo for the prized spot behind Google. Facebook just recently announced a new feature, one we all knew was coming, called Facebook Places, something Facebook hopes can take a social media shot at Google’s Places,  (aka: maps, formerly called Local Business Listings. Not to be confused with Google Earth.)  Facebook has already planned to compete with Wikipedia on the meaning of words and information on branded terms.

A few years ago local directories owned most of the local search share, mostly do to strong SEO and traffic from traditional print users shifting to digital and remaining loyal to the telephone companies who sent phone books to their homes. Then Google and other search engines started…  Read More about Facebook vs Google from Dallas Google Guru Mike Stewart


One Response to Local Search and SEO Expert Says “Places” is the New “Yellow Pages” of Tomorrow.

  1. Adam Smith says:

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