What do you do when your cheese is moved?


It happens.

Did landline phone companies expect to lose business to wireless, voip, and cable providers?

Did typewriter manufacturers anticipate the PC? (Well…sorta)

Will cable and media companies be prepared for the shift to a new era? The era of the contributor is near. Bloggers, video producers and folks that want to star in the next “Today’s Show” tomorrow. Wayne’s World is the future. No longer do we need to spend big bucks for big media. Demand media is the future. Subscription is the future. Pay as you go.

Apple’s AppleTV (what I prefer to call iTV) is coming. Cable companies will charge to store your preferences. YouTube will be the next YouTV.

Change is coming. Old media methods don’t work. Gen X, Gen Y, and the generation before them are not interested in telegrams, telegraphs, snail mail, or yellow pages. Search marketers understand that the channels of the future are authoritative, answer difficult questions (such as what, where, and WHEN…. then how much.)

Those that don’t have the courage to test the limits of human ingenuity won’t make it. Last week I attended OpenCamp at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Addison Tx ( http://www.OpenCa.mp .) OpenCamp is a bloggers convention of sorts. It is an event that discusses all things related to blogging, including the web content management systems used to blog (Joomla, Drupal, and WordPress.)

At OpenCamp, I discovered the next generation of media: the artist. You see, the web is not fully evolved. New applications, coding such as HTML5, and creative ideas will revolutionize what we think of the internet. The art of entertainment, contribution, and collaboration is growing beneath big media. Channels and personalities for your entertainment are flourishing, such as iJustine on YouTube and Twitter.

Stay tuned. Adapt or die.

Can’t wait to say, “I told you so.”

To answer the question “what to do when your cheese is moved?,” you move with it. Just because you business is relevent today does not mean it will be relevent tommorow.

Marketing is not something you learn in a textbook. Marketing is effort. Marketing is experience. Marketing is about having something good to say, smart, funny, and interesting. It is about things people want or need. As long as you have the desire to stay relevent, you have something to offer.

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