is launching new product called ReachCast for SEO and Social Media.

image, one of the nation’s largest paid search marketing resellers, is rumored to be launching a new offering to compliment its platform based paid search ( pay-per-click ) advertising offering called ReachCast.

Prices for ReachCast will begin at $400.00 per month. I am anxious to see more details of the offering.

I believe it will consist of:

-OnPage SEO
-Content Writing
-Social Media Management Tools

Not sure how “holistic” in nature the offering will be. Hopefully ReachLocal will release details soon.

I have more faith in ReachLocal than the offering by yellowpages, as I don’t feel ReachLocal has the same sales focused, churn and burn, anti-management/pro-sales approach, like SuperMedia’s SMLocal offering.

Reporting is better by ReachLocal, so is rep retention and access to midlevel campaign optimization and rep training on SEM.

What I am concerned about is whether or not ReachLocal realizes that search engine marketing is not a product, it is a service. You can’t put this kind of holistic search engine marketing and social media interaction in a box. I have to admit that ReachLocal does invest heavily in building the best possible box and toolset in the search engine marketing space.  Regardless of whether to tool set is sharp and precise, you still need a coach to work with local small and medium-sized businesses to help them grow the skills to take offline social interactions and promote them in the proper channels online.

I wish ReachLocal much success wtih the Reach Cast  (  or ReachCast ) offering. I can’t wait for a tour of the product.

I reach local every single day, I reach local businesses to share my ideas, offerings, and suggestions to impact the bottom line while measuring it with 100% transparency, whether it be paid, organic, local, social, or otherwise.

That’s my .02

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6 Responses to is launching new product called ReachCast for SEO and Social Media.

  1. layrenewal says:

    Our experience with Reach Local has been a mixed bag. Some positive results and a lot of garbage. I’m not sure what is up with their system, but we’ve received countless hangups, inaccurate inquiries and experienced a host of other issues.

    Any questions to Reach Local have been met with either no response or “that’s proprietary information.” We don’t need to know confidential information but we sure would like to have problems fixed. I’d caution companies to be careful and don’t believe the sales pitch…

  2. We are a lead management tool that integrates with ReachLocal and we have numerous mutual clients. Our model does a great job of truly tracking what ReachLocal produces because it is sometimes difficult to track which leads come from them vs your organic rankings. So far, our 6 mutual clients have been surprised as to how many leads are actually produced by ReachLocal. If you rely on their tracking, you will only be able to get an accurate number of the call tracking but as far as form submissions it gets tricky. So far my clients have been impressed and they have seen better results from ReachLocal pay per click than when they tried to manage their own campaign.

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  4. Update: it appears that ReachLocal has now increase the price and expanded the offering to include additional social media bookmarking and content writing for both on cache page and offsite articles.

  5. […] A comment from December 2010 mentions that the price had increased from what's listed here:…1:15pmView All 0 CommentsCannot add comment at this […]

  6. Mike Stewart says:

    Price went from 400 to an estimated 1200 per month. Reachlocal vs Octane360 vs doing it yourself…. might be worth a blog post breaking down some of these options.

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