comScore Top 50 Properties for October 2010, YellowBook beats SuperPages!

This week the most recent stats from comScore on the Top 50 Internet Properties for October 2010 were released.

comScore Top 50 Properties US in October 2010

If this is not a sign that SkunkWorks,  the internet marketing intelligence and product development department at SuperMedia, is deserving of a grade-F, then I don’t know what is?

AT&T Interactive, which includes sites like and, and’s Interactive Network beat the Network.

For years media consultants, like myself from 2000-2009, with had the distinct advantage of emphatically distinguishing the superior rankings for SuperPages over rivals at,, and other IYP networks. It is sad to see an independent publisher like YellowBook beat them.

I attribute the success of YellowBook to the mobile shift and YellowBook’s awesome mobile application.

Have you seen any studies or results on the ratings of the best mobile yellow pages application or the most downloaded local search yellow pages application for mobile phones?

What happens if sites like decide to leverage advertiser created blog content like WordPress, which is essentially SEO? Which IYP will be the first to shift from a sales model to a content/community interaction based business model? Which publisher will be the first to create and manage a community notes, bulletin board, or wall for locals to share information on other locals?



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