Loses Unique Visitors To from October to January

The latest report on rankings for the top 50 websites that also includes the top local search yellow pages websites is out. According to comScore it appears that has improved traffic since November and regained traffic from’s network. I wonder how much of this is attributed from credit of’s UVs or is it from the recent decline in television advertising frequency of YellowBook’s360 promotion?

Nonetheless, Great improvement for the folks at We know how important this metric is to the company. Being the #1 Online YellowPages Site has been a claim the company wants to continue boasting about.

Borrell recently announced that LocalSearch Unique Visitor Counts are likely flawed and not a very good metric (KPI). According to a recent post from Greg Sterling at

Among others, the report makes the following assertions:

  • About 30% of a local website’s visitors don’t live in the market.
  • On average, about one-fourth of a local site’s page views are delivered to people who probably won’t return for another year, if ever.
  • The average local website’s unique visitor count overstates the number of actual people visiting the site by a factor of 3.6, and overstates the number of local people by a factor of 5.
  • So a site that tells local advertisers it has a half-million monthly unique visitors should probably be forthright and start saying it reaches about 100,000 local people.

It has been said that one of the key reasons for this flawed data is that folks own multiple web-enabled devices, such as a cell phone, a tablet, and a desktop PC or two.

I am still reaching out for clarification to the rumor that provides its Unique Visitor count credit to, since the companies have a partnership of sorts. Until I hear otherwise, I will assume that this is true.

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