General Observations About PPC Ads and Searches

Great post from Screenwerk that breaks down the share of searches for terms like “Yellow Pages” from Google and other search engines.

Notice how many searches for Facebook! What about those wanting to go to and even from other search engines trying to go to Google.

Google is the #1 Research Engine. Even though claims that it is a decision engine, Google also dominates decision making.

There are 3 different types of queries people search for on the web:

1. Informational Queries – Those searching to research about a topic or subject.

2. Navigational Queries – Those searching for a brand website or typing in a website address (ex: into Google Search vs Web Browser.

3. Buying Intent Related Queries – Those interested in buying something or finding something to purchase. Intent to purchase a good or service.

Searches for people buying stuff represent less than 10% of all searches. This is one of the challenges for PPC. This is also the bulk of the clicks to PPC ads. People have grown accustom to paid ads and what they do. Most folks don’t fall in the preference point to the buying cycle.  Search helps with those who have built an awareness of the product and those that could be anywhere along the buying process.

Definition: Buying Process
A standard process that corporations and individuals progress through (in order) when purchasing a product or service. Also known as the ‘Buying Cycle’ or ‘Purchase Process’.

Read more:

Yellow Pages print is much more PPC-esque. The intent to buy with the phone book is very tough. The great thing about an effective search engine marketing strategy that includes content strategy and authority building, you focus on all aspects to the buying cycle, emphasize knowledge and expertise of your product or service, and gain free traffic that can then be funneled along the rest of the buying process to the point of monetization or purchase.

Where as PPC represents the lions share of ad dollars doesn’t seem to drive nearly as much traffic as a properly executed SEO plan. proved that it could gain more from showing up in Organic Searches for Google that it could by advertising for “Yellow Pages” keywords on Google AdWords. According to Google Trends there has been a significant reduction in interest for “Yellow Pages.”

I guess we will continue to see folks bASSackwards search for Yellow Pages on Google.

Google loves the revenue. Still doesn’t make sense why folks search Google to get to Facebook vs just using bookmarks or going directly to in the browser vs the Google Search Bar? Too many Internet Newbs still exist apparently!


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