Yellow Pages Sales People Are Liars.


Not all.

Just some yellow pages sales people are crooked.

Just got off another lengthy phone call on this particular subject…

Here we go again. Read the contract. Please people!

Help me… help you!

It never ceases to amaze me how many folks call me, post on my site, or submit a request to a business lawyer client of mine on subjects related to Yellow Pages sales fraud, contract issues, ad errors, or just straightup lies or promises to follow-up that never take place. Do the yellow pages have a client trouble ticket support system? 

If it ain’t in the contract, it ain’t the truth and it didn’t/won’t happen.

Do you think the “my Sales Rep said this and that” excuse will hold up in court? Do you even read the papers you signed? Do you have arbitration? They are henchmen. They have always had a sharp axe over your head to renew, sell you based on some bullshit “your competitor is doing it” concept while my own surveys said that my former colleagues at Verizon Yellow Pages own words were, “We never use the yellow pages, except to find those in a competitors book and not ours to sell to.”

The job of many Yellow Pages workers was to design ads, market products, manage sales results, or build crappy looking websites. The job of the sales rep was to move to the next customer.

Rep comes back in the office after renewals on 3 customers (corporate quota was 5 per per day once, which is now 1) and the first thing his boss asks is “did you sell a non-ad?” (Non-Advertiser) It was never really about keeping clients. It was a monopoly. The telcos had a monopoly which became a duopoly (more books… more costs… higher prices.)

A business is always limited by resources, thus they will always have a budget. This is common sense…. but I guess so is reading a contract put in front of you by a potential lier.

Just wanted to add that I was and still am one of the good guys… “an ethicical professional who practices moral capitalism.”

Unlike the yellow pages, I am not corporate and don’t have your business guaranteed for 12 months…. or more if I used some tricks in a contract. Or some legal and collections team dedicated to enforcing the.contract, regardless of what it does to reputation or client churn.

4 Responses to Yellow Pages Sales People Are Liars.

  1. Eric says:

    Yellow pages has de-evolved into the biggest scam network to affect small business to date. Using inaccurate one sided research & outright lies, a highly scam trained staff of psychological manipulators and liars, they have corrupted what was once a vital important product for small business.

    Our company has been an advertising customer for the last 17+ years. We started out “big” when the yellow pages was effective although expensive. We have been a current and loyal customer expanding our advertising campaign to over $100,000.00 per year or as the rep puts it a mere $8000 investment per month over the next year. That is unless they are 3-4 months late in putting out the next directory which obligates you for that many more months at that rate. Their “contract” (RIGHT TO RAPE YOU form) also states they can renew without your consent, they can misprint your’ phone # cause any number of errors in the print, are not responsible for any omission, and will not honor any verbal promise:(LIE).

    Relying on written terms alone would be OK,but the reps have this figured out. Usually a week before the deadline the rep “FITS YOU IN”, this leaves no time to approve a proof or check on the accuracy of the information you are paying so dearly for. Standard procedure is to hand you a stack of approval sheets with the only option to sign them all BLANK- one for each contract.Don’t even ask to have them filled out first “Do you have any idea how long that would take!?” the rep “promises” (LIES) to get the information exactly as agreed.

    In the early days you could work out a dispute. Over the last 3-4 years we were pushed through the most unaccountable maze of beurocracy. Phone calls were not remembered , that employee doesn’t sound familiar , are you sure you faxed it, some one from that dept. will contact you, all the while fighting cut off notices & disruption of service until finally changing phone service to another carrier. All the while the smiling salesman sells you another bucket of Ads and tells you that dept is working on it. We are now waiting our day in court, facing potential bankruptcy if the jury prefers fine print over fairness.

    Everyone we talk to has had a bad experience with them. Before you play with fire, look at your other options this isn’t even effective anymore.We are trying to put together a class action suit.Please contact me if you would like to join or share an experience.

    Baltimore, New Hampshire

  2. They are doing this exact thing to me right now!
    I rejected their random ad they made for my business and they printed it anyway now they say i must pay! Im so frustrated!

  3. spatssr says:

    I thought buyer beware was what our mom and dad taught us? Quit complaining about how you got taken from a advertising sales rep. Ad sales are intangible products. The yellow pages speak for themselves as to thier effectivness in todays market! If you got taken it’s your fault. Your signature has to be on all approved items. If not, don’t pay!

    • Mike Stewart says:

      Meanwhile your company’s contracts are not holding up in court for those that pay attorneys to fight the
      . Mainly based on location of suit and arbitration clauses and terminology difference year to year.

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