Not So SuperMedia Keeps Shareholder Out of Annual Meeting!


I am here in Southlake at the SuperMedia 2011 Annual Meeting of Shareholders.

When I signed into the meeting at 9:05 I was told the meeting was over. What else did you expect from this crony executive leadership? Then they childishly moved the meeting to another room. With all the executives and board of directors members standing around chatting.

It is now 10:22 a.m. central standard time. I am going wait a few more minutes to take a couple more pics to prove the meeting was not over by 9:06 a.m. when I arrived. The woman at the desk explained to me that the meeting had already finished.

I am filing a request for the shareholder’s meeting minutes with SuperMedia’s legal team.

Pictures and additional details are coming soon. I would appreciate someone sharing the meeting minutes vs having to work with the company’s legal team.

11 Responses to Not So SuperMedia Keeps Shareholder Out of Annual Meeting!

  1. I Call Myself a Guru and That Makes it True says:

    I bet that happens to you a lot when you show up to things…

    • Mike Stewart says:

      according to the folks that attended last night’s Dallas SEO meetup, your comment is completly incorrect.

      Local Search for the Less Informed “Not for the Weak of Heart”

      Tuesday, May 10, 2011, 7:00 PM

      Location details are available to members only.

      43 Dallas SEO Members Went

      Mark your calendars, Tuesday, May 10th, Dallas Interactive Marketing & Internet SEO/SEM Meetup will be having their May meeting.  Join us and our guest speaker Mike Stewart.  We will be covering Local Search and the tools you need to know to compete in this market.  Mike will also be bringing along a special guest Paul Dumas, with Optimized Local …

      Check out this Meetup →

      • I Call Myself a Guru and That Makes it True says:

        So does that mean they let you in that meeting? Only douchebags call themselves geniuses. Monikers like that are for others to give, not to give yourself. You’re still a noob.

      • Mike Stewart says:

        The meeting was to hear me speak in small business internet marketing. More folks at that meeting than you going under 4.00 per share stock that was once over 40.00 shit company shareholders meeting. Hang on to that Titanic. Your executives are childish morons. I was at the meeting to put this behind me. Nice going. Watching Jessie Vickers play bodyguard was lol.

        Go read the reviews.

      • I Call Myself a Guru and That Makes it True says:

        You wouldn’t be at the meeting to ‘put it behind you’, you’re still childishly pissed off you got fired, F-I-R-E-D. Any business that would hire you for their internet marketing should get their head examined, lest you start dragging their name through the mud the second something doesn’t go your way. What a douche.

  2. CrazyMike says:

    Can you do us all a favor and add yourself the the wikipedia page for Bat-shit Crazy? You are indeed a guru, but not for SEO. You are the guru on how to make yourself look completely foolish on the internet.

  3. Mike Stewart says:

    Fired? You really are clueless.

    Go read my reviews. Conversation over.

    Feel free to troll my site. The only reason I attended the meeting was because it is one of the few local companies I own shares of, I was hoping to hear real questions and answers, and had a genuine interest. Your company is done if you cant permit shareholders to attend shareholder meetings. Lets see what the lawyers say once the minutes are produced.


  4. Mark says:

    My question is why you hold stock in a company that you clearly don’t like?

    • Mike Stewart says:

      great question:

      – figured the shorts were done.
      – invest in what you know.
      – shareholders are eligible to attend shareholder meetings.
      – I lost a boatload of money in Idearc Stock.
      – assumed a class action would begin… I was working with the lawyers at one point.

      and entertainment.

      Stick a fork in her… She is dead. The show has ended. The company is run by idiots. What did they think I would do???? Kick and Scream? Lol.

  5. Ad Man says:

    Mike, I enjoyed reading the scathing comments from your critics. It’s obvious they are embedded in the Supermedia mindset, disenchanted employees who find comfort sharing their misery by pointing accusing fingers at someone who escaped their madness. I call it jealousy for lack of a better term.
    You should take pride in the fact you escaped their prison. You can wake up in the morning and look forward to a day where your talents are appreciated and recognized instead of having to endure being questioned and trampled by iconoclasts who lack the talent and drive to explore other opportunities as you have done. They make statements such as “you were fired” when everyone at the company knows full well many incredible, talented sales people left the business the same way -sent packing because they refused to play the lying game. Dignity has a price. The price you paid secured your freedom from their corporate oppression. The price those still there of their own free will is the loss of professional integrity and moreover, any chance for a prosperous future. Let them rant and rave. Sad souls mired in Hell have nothing better to do.

    • Mike Stewart says:

      Thank you Sir. You are absolutely correct…. But I must also state that I have.a friend who is a Media Consultant and they have done very well selling print this year… My goal was to fix the problems, it appears many just want to bitch and complain vs coming up with solutions.

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