Why you should rank for longtail keyword terms – Case Study

I recently blogged about information regarding the death of an executive at the company I once worked for. My blog typically shows up in searches (SERPS) for keywords related to the company I once worked for, including the company name.

My web analytics show me how many searches from Google and with what keywords related to this tragedy ultimately resulted in clicks to my site. I thought that if I shared a post on the site I could help folks find the information they where looking for. This would also be an opportunity to understand how people search for information.

In my opinion this is often not the best of situations  to conduct research, but I guess internet marketers can sometimes learn a few SEO tips from these weird, unusual, or even tragic situations. Case in point, Michael Jackson searches and the QDF algorithm.

Query Deserves Freshness

 What do BP and Michael Jackson have in common? Michael Jackson’s death was one of the big events which brought the “Query Deserves Freshness” concept to the forefront.  If a news event is big enough you will see the search engine Google struggle to figure out what results to display for the widely searched fresh topic.

Great keyword research can quickly be learned from search phrases that are seeing rapid growth in query volume related to fresh topics.

Unfortunately for us the comment section of my blog was attacked by a disgruntled former employee of SuperMedia, someone named “Bob” who felt the need to use my site as a platform, grandstand, or podium soapbox to share his utter disgust towards the company this executive (and I once) worked for. I decided to hide the comments from Bob out of respect.

So first I would like to say that if you would like to pay your respects to John Hillrich, please visit the John Hillrich Memorial Guestbook here.

A recent comment on the post summarizes my thoughts on what happened, and subsequently what took place on my blog, and how the vast majority of us all feel about it.

To all who have expressed such kind words for our dear John Hillrich, please take the time to visit http://www.JohnHillrich.com where you’ll find his online obituary and guestbook which is the appropriate resource to express our condolences.

This current forum is stained with comments that should’ve never been allowed to publish, nor been  they hgiven attentionave. John’s friends / family should not have to read such filth, so let’s move these well wishes to http://www.JohnHillrich.com where his family can read them in peace.

Love you John Hillrich. My heart aches for your family, parents, and children. God’s peace be with you all.

I want to apologize for the rude comments. I have since removed them out of my respect for John’s friends and family.  My deepest condolences.

With that being said, I would like to share what people searched Google for to find my original blog post.

You will see some of the keywords have been removed below. This is not a complete list. I want you to pay attention to the “value” of the long-tail and how “unique” most people search. It is obvious that most people search a few widely used keywords and then the real “SEO value” is in the long-tail terms.

Here are the number of views and keywords searched for over a very short period of time to this post.

Search Views
john hillrich of supermedia 734
john hillrich 539
john hillrich murder 247
amy hillrich 241
john hillrich shot 145
john hillrich shooting 116
john hillrich supermedia 105
john hillrich murdered 92
supermedia rumors 60
john hillrich ontario ca 60
john hillrich ontario 48
john hillrich killed 45
supermedia employee shot 45
john hillrich yucaipa 43
supermedia john hillrich 40
john hillrich ontario california 38
supermedia executive murdered 35
dallas google guru 33
amy hillrich murder 31
supermedia shooting 29
john hillrich ca 24
john hillrich california 22
john hillrich supermedia executive murdered 20
“john hillrich” 18
hillrich murder 18
john hillrich obituary 16
john hillrich murder in ontario california 15
john hillrich ontario, ca 15
supermedia murder 15
supermedia ontario ca 15
ontario police arrest 3 in slaying 15
homicide news john hillrich of ontario california 14
“john hillrich” shot 14
supermedia layoffs 14
hillrich shot 13
john hillrich ontario ca shot 13
john hillrich, super media 13
dallas guru 12
john hillrich death 12
john hillrich blog 12
dallas guru john hillrich 11
john hillrich, supermedia 11
john hillrich, ontario 11
supermedia executive shot 11
dallas guru hillrich 10
hillrich supermedia 10
mike stewart blog 9
john hillrich murder ontario ca 9
john hillrich murder ontario 9
supermedia employee murder 9
supermedia employee killed 9
dallasguru hillrich 8
john hillrich, ontario, ca 8
supermedia executive shot and killed 8
john hillrich of supermedia murdered 8
david olvera 24 8
“amy hillrich” 8
john hillrich supermedia llc 8
supermedia 8
supermedia employee murdered 8
supermedia news john hillrich 8
john hillrich dallas guru 7
supermedia executive killed 7
john hillrich, murder 6
supermedia, ontario ca 6
john hillrich shot in ontario california 6
hillrich murder ontario ca 6
supermedia employee shooting 6
dave bethea 6
john hillrich murder in ontario ca 6
death of john hillrich 6
john hillrich shooting ontario ca 6
superguarantee statistics 6
supermedia ontario 6
ontario john hillrich 6
supermedia executive murder 5
super media employee killed in california 5
john and amy hillrich 5
hillrich murder ontario california 5
john hillrich supermedia shot 5
supermedia employee shot in california 5
john hillrich dallas google 5
john hillrich gte/verizon 5
john hillrich murdered california 5
supermedia layoffs 2011 5
john hillrich shot ontario ca 5
john hillrich, ontario ca 5
john hillrich death ontario ca 5
john hillrich in ontario, ca 5
supermedia manager shot 5
ontario california shooting, john hillrich 5
idearc stock 5
supermedia scam 5
john hillrich shot california 5
“john hillrich” supermedia 5
dave bethea fired 4
murder at supermedia 4
amy nicole hillrich yucaipa, ca 4
john hillrich in california 4
john hillrich with supermedia 4
supermedia john hillrich killed 4
john hillrich ontario ca killed 4
john hillrich shot yucaipa 4
supermedia death 4
amy hillrich photo 4
supermedia complaints 4
verizon murder ontario 4
amy hillrich yucaipa ca 4
super media shooting 4
scott klein supermedia 4
john hillrich murder in ontario 4
john hillrich shot in ontario ca 4
john hillrich of supermedia shot 4
“john hillrich” and shot 4
john hillrich gte/verizon/idearc 4
“hillrich” 4
google guru john hillrich 4
joh hillrich dallas google guru 4
supermedia, verizon employee killed 4
ontario man shot in parking lot john hillrich 4
ontario california john hillrich 4
amy nicole hillrich 4
amy hillrich yucaipa 4
hillrich shooting 4
murder supermedia john hillrich 4
+ontario john hillrich 4
john hillrich news 4
supermedia murder in ontario california 4
ontario california john hillrich killed 4
amy hillrich facebook 4
john hillrich killed california 4
johnhillrich.com 4
dallas blog john hillrich 4
murder ontario california 4
john hillrich ontario murder 3
killed supermedia 3
supermedia executive murdered in ontario california 3
john hillrich murdered 8/17/11 3
suspects in john hillrich murder 3
hillrich john-ontario, ca 3
hillrich yucaipia 3
john hillrich murdered in ontario 3
john hillrich shot in ca 3
john hillrich supermedia killed 3
hillrich shooting ontario ca 3
supermedia emplyy murdered 3
john hillrich shot dead supermedia 3
shooting ontario ca august 17, 2011 3
john hillrich shot in ontario, ca 3
super media murder 3
supermedia experience in internet 3
yellow pages usage statistics 3
john hillrich supermedia dead 3
john hillrich murder investigation 3
john hillrich jr murder 3
john hillrich of supermedia ontario 3
executive of supermedia killed in ontario ca 3
ontario supermedia murder 3
supermedia employee shot and killed in ontario ca 3
john hillirich, supermedia 3
ontario california murder 3
ontario, ca shooting john hillrich 3
john hillrich aug 2011 3
death of john hillrich in ontario ca? 3
johnhillrich superm 3
pictures of amy hillrich 3
john hillrich, ca 3
ontario police arrest 3 in slaying pictures 3
supermedia rumors blogs 3
john hillrich supermedia employees death on 8/16/2011 3
supermedia manager shot killed 3
john hillrich killed in ontario 3
john hillrich 2011 3
supermedia exec murdered 3
who shot john hillrich 3
murder supermedia onterio ca 3
john hillrich shot ontario 3
supermedia ontario murder 3
ontario man shot john hillrich 3
supermedia employee shot and killed california 3
ontario ca john hillrich 3
john hillrich killed 2011 3
john hillrich, 39, 3
supermedia executive 3
john hillrich, 3
murder john hillrich suspects 3
john hillrich from supermedia pictures 3
amy hillrich photos 3
shooting outside super media ontario, ca. 3
john hillrich murder ontario california kcal 9 news on youtube 3
headlines southern california hillrich shooting 3
shooting at supermedia 3
john hillrich ontario cal 3
hillrich 3
john hillrich shooting ontario california 3
murder in ontario california 3
latest update on john hillrich murder aug 16 in ontario, california 3
john hillrich murder california 3
supermedia man killed 3
john hillrich with supermedia murdered 3
michael stewart blog 3
ontario verizon manager murder 3
ontario, ca, supermedia murder 3
supermedia killing 3
murder in ontario, ca 3
yellowbook superpages 2
internet search vs yellow pages graph 2
murder john hillrich 2
john hillrich ontario shooting 2
john hillrich shot ontario california 2
john hillrich in ontario 2
supermedia john hillrich, ontario division manager, was shot 2
hillrich killed 2
john hillrich, 39, of fontana 2
supermedia ontario calfornia 2
john hillrich shooting in ontario ca 2
david olvera, 24 2
ontario, ca murder supermedia 2
supermedia office near ontario 2
murder of john hillrich, supermedia 2
peter mcdonald: supermedia 2
super media man killed in california 2
man killed at supermedia california 2
ontario, ca john hillrich 2
supermedia employer killed 2
john hillrich shooting in parking structure ontario, california 2
john hillrich,ca 2
amy hillrich yucaipa california 2
fairpoint communications spinoff 2
shooting ontario, ca august supermedia hillrich 2
supermedia-executive-murdered-in-ontario-california/ 2
supermediasale.com 2
johnhillrich.com supermedia 2
internet advertiser murdered 2
john hillrich california murder 2
supermedia closes phoenix 2
ontario murder on tuesday august 2011 2
murder verizon ontarion california 2
man shot at 3401 centrelake ontario 2
manager at verizon ontario shot 2
murder at super media john hillrich 2
supermedia employee killed in ca 2
ontario shooting, supermedia employee 2
john hillrich ontario ca newspaper 2
john hillrich killed in calforina 2
john supermedia verizon kill wife 2
supermedia shot killed california 2
amy hillrich, david olvera and emilio saldana 2
homicide in ontario cal john hillrich 2
killing john hillrich 2
supermedia shooting ontario ca 2
john hillrich murder in california 2
john hilllrich ontario california 2
ontario shooting man hillrich 2
ontario, calif new for john hillrich 2
supermedia murder ca 2
john hillrich ontario ca shooting 2
“john hillrich” murder 2
ontario supermedia shot 2
ontario ca murder 8/17/11 2
john hillrich/ shot 2
man killed supermedia 2
john hillrich diedontario ca 2
stock, idearc, print publication 2
supermedia ontario ca office + john hillrich 2
amy hillrich ca 2
ontario, ca + man shot parking structure 2
historical mobile platform statistics 2
supermedia llc dallas tx 2
where did ceo of supermedia scott klein go 2
fox news john hillrich 2
john hillrich shot in ontario parking garage august 16th 2
+yodle +disgruntled 2
shot & killed in ontario ca 2
booking picture picture of amy hillrich 2
john hillrich ontario ca news 2
supermedia executives killed in ontario ca 2
amy hillrich ontario murder 2
john hillrich shot in ontario, c 2
verizon executive murder 2
john hillrich man shot killed outside supermedia orange co 2
supermedia ontario ca man shot 2
excutive murdered from supermedia in california 2
john hillrich murder ex wife verizon 2
john hillrich, california 2
arrest in john hillrich murder 2
hillrich killed in california 2
ontario, california, amy hillrich 2
supermedia executive killed in california 2
amy hillrich mugshot 2
hn hillrich shot 2
killing in ontario, ca at supermedia 2
john hillrich shooting pictures 2
shooting john hillrich 2
john hillrich killed ontario california 2
david olvera, 24, of yucaipa photo 2
verizon murder ontario ca 2
john hillrich supermedia verizon killed 2
john hillrich-ca 2
supermedia rumors august 2011 2
john hillrich and supermedia 2
california supermedia 2
wife involved shooting in ontario 2
murder in ontario on tuesday 2
john hillrich, 39 2
john hillreich supermedia 2
emilio saldana yucaipa facebook 2
amy hillrich arrest 2
john hillrich killed on 2
ontario supermedia shooting 2
dallas yellow page blog 2
john hillrich murdered in ontario aug 15 nikk 2
david olvera yucaipa 2
supermedia, murder, california 2
yellow pages churn 2
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hillrich john 2
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hillrich murdered 2
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decline in use of yellow pages 2
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verizon employee killed by wife 2
john hillrich, supermedia, ontario, ca 2
john hillrich-murder-ontario, californis 2
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amy hillrich, 2
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picture of john hillrich 2
august 17th 2011 yucaipa murder 2
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super media scott klein lawsuit 2
site:dallasgoogleguru.com john hillrich 2
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shooting supermedia 2
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mrs john hillrich 2
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john hillridge, supermedia 2
john shot ontario ca 2
super media scott klein salary 2
list of all snake oil salesmen 1
advertising ideas for small dallas businesses 1
super media vs yp.com 1
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dexone merger 1
verizon supermedia vs. yellowbook 1
“dex one merger” 1
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tmpdm bankruptcy 1
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yellow page publishers association yellow pages usage statistics 1
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john hillrich shot and killed by estranged wife 1
is supermedia a legitimate companies 1
super media employee killed-ontario 1
verizon exec killed 1
john hillrich murdered ontario ca 1
shooting ontario, ca john hillrich 1
man killed and murdered in california 1
john hillrich murder. 1
john hillrich ontario killed 1
supermedia layoffs august 2011 1
john hillrich killed supermedia 1
ontairo verison shooting 1
shooting ontario ca 1
supermedia ontario, california 1
supermedia vp murdered 1
shooting in ontario on 08/17/2011 1
john hillrich yacipia, ca 1
supermedia, ontario 1
shooting of john hillrich of supermedia in ontario california 1
man murdered in ontario ca tuesday 1
shooting ontario ca supermedia 1
verison supermedia scam 1
jiohn hillrich california 1
john murdered california 1
john hillrich killed in ontario california 1
john hillrich august 16th ontario 1
joohn hillrich ontario ca 1
idearc murder ontario 1
ontario shooting centrelake john 1
john hillrich dies in ontario california shooting 1
news on murder of john hillrich 1
supermedia employee murder in ca 1
hillrich shot in ontario 1
david olivera yucaipa 1
john hillrich supermedia homicide 1
scott klein fraud 1
dexone rumors 1
statistics on print yellow pages versus online markets 1

Now let’s say the same applies for “your type of product or service” in “your local area.” After seeing the information above, how would you want to rank on Google? Consider that the short tail terms are the ones everyone else is spending all thier money on….

I am sure most other people don’t share why this kind of strategy is most important or why you maybe going about SEO the wrong way.

Now you can see why our content marketing strategy for SEO is so effective.

BTW, if you would like make some additional money, I invite you to resell my services. It is easy,  just signup to become an SMB SEO Internet Marketing Agent and Reseller right here. Thank you.

One Response to Why you should rank for longtail keyword terms – Case Study

  1. AD says:

    Dear Guru-
    Thank you for removing “Bob’s” posts. That shows tremendous class on your part. Sad that he decided to use your blog as his thearpy session.
    John’s service was full of wonderful stories and many tears. A tragic loss, one that we will not soon forget.

    Take care!

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