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From Grandma’s Royse City Tx Feedstore straight into Local Advertising…….

Well…. It wasn’t straight into advertising. I had a few stops along the way.

Hi, if you are reading this page  I wanted to first and foremost let you know that I am ecstatic that you give a hoot about who I am. 

I grew up in Royse City Texas for the largest stint of my life. Originally a student of Royse City High School which is just a few miles east of Dallas, while in school I worked at Southern Junction in Rockwall, 

All the while I also worked for my Grandmother at her Feed Store, Abney Feed and Ranch Supply in Royse City off of Highway 276 heading towards Quinlan Tx.  (I would post a link but she sold it long before the internet).

My mother, TC Adams (TC Stewart) at the time worked for GTE Yellow Pages. She was a great friend to many Dallas area business owners.
While attending High School in Royse City,  I worked for a company in Mesquite Tx by the name of US Wireless Communications. One of those “Boiler Room” style telemarketing call centers. My job was to pitch folks on 800 Voicemail, Pagers (when folks still used pagers in 1998-1999), and Phones (remember the old Qualcom phones?)  Surprisingly I was pretty good at it. When the office started having computer troubles I began helping with the companies computer network utilizing my very limited amount of training from attending 2 years of the early stages of the Cisco Networking Academy. Never received a degree or CCNA certification. Networks and the backbone of computers never really interested me.
After High School (thanks to my stint at US Wireless [my mother] and my horrific interview skills at the age of 19) I started with GTE, which soon became Verizon. For the 1st year I worked with small local accounts throughout the United States. Then after 364 days I transfered to the local yellow pages sales office.
Since then I have gone to school at Northwood University and have been the #1 Student of Google Search Engine advertising and marketing products in Dallas since 2002. Took me a few years to learn things but I think I have it down now! The great thing about internet advertising is that it doesn’t cost more than the price of time to learn it. After 10 years in the industry, I still get a kick out of learning new ways to make clients (and myself) money. My passion is two fold- Search Engine Advertising and Helping Local Dallas – Fort Worth Business Owners reach goals.
  • I have a Google Adwords Certification
  • I received the President’s Award with Verizon Information Services 3 years out of 6 (#1 in Texas)
  • I have attended the Google AdWords 300 series Seminars for Success by bgTheory
  • I attend monthly meetings as a corporate member of the Dallas-Fort Worth Search Engine Marketers Association
  • I am a Board of Directors member of the Dallas/Ft. Worth Search Engine Marketing Association, the first and largest nott for profit group dedicated to advocacy for search. I am a true student of Search Engine Optimization
  • I also even made it to a presentation by Zig Zigler once.
Why am I so special? Besides what my wife (Mary Stewart – who is the Vice President of a local not-for-profit dog rescue organization) and my two kids Jonathan (9) and Kaitlyn (6) think, I am special because I am accountable. I hold myself accountable for our success. I am not trying to get rich quick. I refuse to be paid for services that I can not deliver. I spent 9 years 3 months with GTE/Verizon – Idearc in local advertising as a “New Business Sales Strategist”.  I have witnessed first hand the issues that exist in Local Search Marketing.  I have witnessed the shift from printed sources of information (Print Yellow Pages) to online (Google Maps, Search Engine Results Pages [SERPS] and Sponsored links) forms of advertising. I have worked for the best of the best businesses in Dallas.
After 9 years and 3 months, I was told by my managers at Idearc Media that I spent too much time offering advice and servicing my clients. The ability of the company to deliver on what I offered was a challenge. The company offered only a small component of “Holistic Search Engine Marketing Approach” that I suggested to my clients. Honestly I blame the reason for my leaving the company on my conscious. I could no longer tell clients to “trust me, this is going to work” when I realized that they were not giving me the time or tools to “make it work”. You see, Yellow Pages has always been about sales. I was great at sales. I loved sales when the product worked. In my entire life I can not think of a time I have actually used the Yellow Pages, yet I was discouraged from discussing my personal views. So what did I do? I have spent countless hours on the computer on my own time studying what it takes to create a successful online marketing plan. I have studied pricing and media buying in the industry as well as other industries. I have studied ad design strategies and secrets prior to the sudden Yellow Pages transition (which took place in 2004) to headline based ads. It always seemed as though Verizon was a step behind on the changes in the local search environment or even yellow page advertising.  At this point it is out of control for corporate advertising sales. Now it is time for local agencies who have the same passion as I to step up and deliver on the promise to local business owners:  Creating a Successful Marketing Campaign that Enhances Our Brand and Gets Our Phones to Ring
Do not use your business name as a headline in your ad.
Now I am on my own to fend for myself.  No corporate pay check. No corporate health benefits. No corporate travel “incentive trips” to Aruba. Just me and a team of folks I have surrounded myself with that can get things done.
-Content Writer
-CMS Web Developer
-Video Editor
-Business Sales Strategist
-Business Consultant
-Brand Management
-Reputation Management
-PPC Management Professionals
and of course:
(myself a SEO feller)
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For information on my services visit:www.DallasGoogleGuru.com

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