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PPC Dallas Pay Per Click Management Firm

Dallas Pay Per Click Paid Search Coach - Do It Yourself PPC HelpMike Stewart the Dallas Google Advertising Guru (CONNECT VIA LinkedIn.com) is offering a fixed fee PPC campaign management service that starts at just $299.00 monthly for PPC campaign budgets around $2000.00 and a small percentage of spend up to $10,000.00 per month. We charge just a small fee per hour for building YOUR PPC campaigns. If your budget for clicks per month is greater than $3k, we have many pricing options that may fit your needs depending on distribution channels such as content network, number of websites being managed, and whether you also need Local SEO Services.

Paid search campaigns are very scalable. The first step is build Google AdWords and MSN AdCenter Bing/Yahoo sponsored search campaigns utilizing a custom created email account that you own. We build your campaign for a set fee and do not charge a marked up cost for paid clicks. We consult with you, then strategize for intensive keyword research on your small businesses unique target market, product and service offerings, resources, objectives, and budget.

We then move onto website landing page optimization and then ad title, description and url strategy.

The next step in our customized ppc advertising strategy is to create an advanced and scaled campaign that includes longtail keyword campaign structure, advanced bid strategy including tiered bids for broad, phrase, and exact match keyword versions. Our custom build structures increase keyword quality scores by increasing relevency and thus more longtail clickthrus. Higher scores and more relevant ads means your cost per click will be significantly lower than that of PPC resellers like the Yellow Pages or traditional web design firms that have very little SEO/PPC experience.

I have been providing consulting and management for paid search beginning with Overture in 2001. I am certified for Google AdWords and have additional training via Google AdWords Seminars for Success 301 and 302 courses as well as PubCon, Online Marketing Summit, DFWSEM.org, and various other opportunites for strategy discussion and advancement.

I am married to SEO, but I admit my passion for PPC success comes from that fact that results are most often achieved almost overnight more than half the time.

My PPC management team offers advanced call metrics services that utilize local tracking lines that are owned by the client. We secure the best phone numbers. Each line is just $25.00 to secure, $100.00 per month for the CallMeasurement.com service and $5.00 per month for each additional number up to 600 incoming minutes.

We also build customized Google and Woopra Analytics campaigns with campaign level segmentation and real-time clickthru tracking.

We use the best for less. We guarantee our work and require no contracts with 90 day or longer plans.

As we build up your campaigns you will be able to participate in Google Ad Extentions, Google Tags, YouTube Promoted Videos, mobile advertising and content network distribution.

Guaranteed to be the best value in Dallas for Pay Per Click campaign management.

  • 100% Transparency
  • Month to Month
  • No Fraud
  • No Scams
  • No Gimmicks
  • No Kidding!

Call 214-267-9553 for more details!

You can also contact us via instant message by visiting our Dallas Internet Marketing website here.

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