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November 5, 2009

Google Adwords Ad Tips

Better ad texts, better performance

Your potential customers decide to visit your website based solely on what they see in your ads when they type in a search query, so ad texts play a crucial role in determining the success of your AdWords advertising.

In the video below we share with you our best practices for creating winning ad texts. These will provide you with ideas to test when writing your ads, which will help to differentiate your business from the crowd and drive even more relevant traffic to your website!

  • Use keywords in your ad title and ad text

    The easiest way to improve the performance of your ads is to think about how to make them more relevant to your potential customers. You’ve chosen keywords that are very specific to your products or services – and therefore relevant to your target audience – so the next step is to make sure that the ads which are matched to these keywords relate closely to them.

    Including successful keywords directly in the ad title is an effective way of increasing clicks because customers can immediately see the link between the keyword they used in their query, your product, and the content of your website.

    In addition, using words from your keyword list in any line of your ad text means these words will appear in bold to users who searched on them. This helps to draw the user’s attention to the ad and further highlights its relevance.

    Think about it from a user’s point of view – if you type in ‘digital camera’ would you rather see a general electronics ad, or an ad that includes the term ‘Digital Camera’ in its ad text?

  • Direct your users to the right page

    Ensure that the destination URL you use for each ad brings users to a specific landing page which relates directly to their search. For example, if a prospective customer is searching for ‘8 megapixel cameras’, the ideal landing page would feature this exact type of camera.

  • Add a call-to-action to your ads

    Try using a call-to-action in your ads, as this will give your potential customers a clear indication of what they can expect to do on your site. For example, calls-to-action such as ‘Buy Now’, ‘Sign Up Today’ or ‘Order Online’ can be really effective in increasing your ad’s performance.

  • Include your unique selling points

    Your ad text should make you stand out from your competitors and highlight your unique selling points. These can be products, prices, delivery offers or services that make your business unique, attractive or different. Have a look at your competitors’ ads and see if you can make your ad stand out by highlighting what you offer that no-one else does.

    Remember your customers will choose you over others purely based on the benefits that your ad is selling. The more information about your product that a user can gain from your ad text, the better. For example, if a user sees the price of a product and still clicks the ad, you know they’re interested in a potential purchase at that price. If they don’t like the price, they won’t click your ad, and you save yourself the cost of that click.

  • Inter-capitalize the ad text

    This may sound obvious, but using appropriate capitalization in ads can really have an effect on how they look. See below for an example of two ads – which one would you click on if you were looking to buy a new camera?

    8 mega pixel cameras 10% off digital camerasfree delivery buy today!
    8 Mega Pixel Cameras10% Off Digital CamerasFree Delivery. Buy Today!

    The second ad looks more professional and is more eye-catching to users. Look over your existing ads and see can any of them be improved by something as simple as adding a few capitals to the beginning of words. And remember this can apply to the display URL as well, as shown in the second ad text.

Log into your account today, and edit your ads to make them even more compelling to your potential customers!

If you would like to learn even more ways to improve your account performance, why not visit our new Optimization Center, which is full of useful tips to help you get more customers?

Just because your Dallas business has the biggest ad in the yellow pages… you will never be on the first page of Google, why?

October 24, 2009

I challenge local Dallas – Fort Worth area business owners to take a moment and call the local sales offices for AT&T Yellow Pages, Idearc Media (Verizon Yellow Pages 972-719-3790), and Yellow Book. Find out what the cost is for the largest ad in the heading and see what it will take to be the first ad in the book. All it takes is the purchase of a Forced Tab (2-sided tab that is thick paper stock that is forced in the front of the heading). If I recall the price is typically in the 6k-12k per month range depending on the heading and the book.

I GUARANTEE that for the same 6k-12k per month I can get you twice the amount of “qualified leads”, track all calls, and have the ability to change the ad throughout the entire year if you invest a lesser amount towards effective internet marketing. You cannot manage what you cannot measure. Kinda like PROXY based local search engine marketing providers who do not offer analytics and do a piss poor job of conversion tracking.  (A local Criminal Attorney client of mine had a total of 10 calls to his advertisements with the SEM proxy provider, after looking at the detailed call reports we saw that only 6 calls were unique and the rest spam…. what did he spend? The answer is shocking: $2700.00 for 6 calls! The service provider attempted to argue that this was a “GOOD ROI” … LMAO!!)


Just because you can buy the first spot in the phone book and have the biggest ad does not mean you can be first on Google. If it were only money the folks with the biggest ad in the phone book would always be number one on Google’s page results. What it takes to be at the top of Google is the know how and the content. Only someone who understands Search Engine Optimization and Content Creation & Distribution can make this happen. It takes a great relationship between the client and the marketer. It requires a line of communication that you can not achieve by simply calling your  “sales rep” or local office. Is it worth more than that first ad in the book? Of course it is! Yellow Pages books are not used as much as they were in the past. Local Online Yellow Pages sites are losing traffic to Google Maps.

You see, what you get when you hire one of these companies to manage your online advertising is someone willing to work for $9/hour who has some sort of experience putting ads in the companies bidding platform or system, if this  is worth anything to you than more power to you. But, a lot of times, website owners and web design/web marketing companies looking for SEO help don’t have realistic expectations of what an SEO consultant is worth or what QUALITY SEO work actually costs. All they end up getting is a PPC campaign and promises of riches from a sales consultant who has zero responsibility for achieving your ROI goals.

You know you are getting bad advice when your site:

  • Does not have a video
  • Says FIGJAM all over it: ($%#*@! I AM GOOD, JUST ASK ME)
  • Instead of answering questions, your site talks about what you do
  • Looks great in IE-6 but like crap in FireFox.
  • The home page of your site is titled: “Welcome to XXXXXXXX”
  • Your website has not changed one bit in 3 months!
  • In order to change content on the site you have to call your “WEBmaster”
  • You believe adding information and content is 100% someone else’s job to do the work, but don’t want to pay for it
  • You feel that contributing information on why you are the authority is the job of WIKI

Companies like the one I used to work for choose to work with any business that is willing to pay a monthly fee to them.  I am going to be somewhat picky about who I will agree to work with. I plan to turn down just as many new client opportunities as I am going to accept. I am going to offer my services with an “Exclusivity Agreement” for my clients. Why would you want me also working for your competitor? If you happen to get turned down by me, it’s not a judgement or reflection of you.  I do not have the desire to become a cookie-cutter churn based Dallas Search Engine Marketing Firm. I want to customize my service to your business and industry in order to get high search engine rankings. The more you participate in the process the lower your fees. The more content you create for me to proof and distribute the less I have to pay my talented copywriter to do for you. My goal is to make you money and at the same time I make money. I am going to be accountable for your success and have no intentions of burning you. Search engine marketing is a deep passion of mine.  After many years in the industry I came to realize that large organizations are incapable of offering the level of “boutique-style” service local Dallas area business owners need to achieve natural rankings on the search engines.  If this is the level of personalized service you expect from your web marketing team, Give me a call! 972-998-0050.  I look forward to meeting you and sharing what I have learned over the years.

Keep in mind, just because you have the biggest ad in the phone book, doesn’t mean you can be first on Google.