The Fate of Yellow Page Company Business Models…

August 23, 2010

What an interesting topic? Almost as interesting as discussing the weather on June 3rd, 1963.

Well, I had an interesting call with Yext folks once again. Paying up to $25.00 per call for quality leads is not asking for too much, unless you can get them for less by a qualified local search engine marketing firm. A client has a Yext account. Why you ask? Because sometimes SEO agencies don’t or are not capbable of serving “bold listing” and “HS ad” type budgets. This is why YEXT is such a good offer. They gamble on the search marketer skills in-house by providing result within a margin and aggregate traffic amongst all the different listing sites, such as,, CitySearch, AllTheWeb,, etc.  Most small search marketing agencies focus on Google, Yahoo,, and Bing.  Sometimes, especially in rural markets, the value of local directories with older and less experienced computer users, the directory sites can provide a greater value. Competitive markets that have populations over 200k drive up cost by aggressive advertisers and amount of advertising competiton as well as standard bid minimums and less volume to justify monthly media service fees.

So…. what is the fate? Better focus on driving quality traffic to you directory. I think print will still be fragmented with competition and .com will be all about customer traffic, managing traffic, and cost per aquisition or lead.

Your thoughts?

That is why going from 20 million UVs (unique visitors) to 8 million is such a big deal!

If you think a sales model is the future of the internet you are DUMB or a liar.  Traffic driving lead aggregators, search engines, local search companies will saturate the local smb market. The company that wins adapts a service oriented holistic approach.


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What is wrong with buying internet advertising from Yellow Pages companies?

May 22, 2010

Have you ever wondered why so many small business owners complain about results and advertising from internet yellow pages companies? Here is an article on SMB SEO that discusses the problems with internet yellow page advertising for small business owners.

Here is a plea to corporate America to get out IT of the SEO business on Search Engine Land. Great article if you ask me, but I think Corporate America needs to stop trying to service small businesses. That is like buying advertising from the Government or from a foreign country. Search engine marketing such as SEO, PPC, Web Design, and Video production is not something you can simply outsource. It requires a boutique approach that consists of attention to detail and customization. You can’t put search engine marketing in a box, and search engine marketing is a service.. not a product. Search is a verb, not a noun. It is action repeated over a period of time. Seriously, what where they thinking? Stick to your online directory site and stay out of the service business. If you want service, I would first begin educating your sales reps on search engine marketing!