Just “Google Me” baby!

December 6, 2009

Have you ever wanted to meet folks that have the same name as you? What if you could?

Jim Killeen did a video about video search results for his name.

This is documentary about a guy, Jim Killeen, who Googled himself and then went all over the world meeting others with his name.

I must warn you: THE VIDEO IS 1:36:38 minutes long. Great idea though!

Interesting moments in the film:
@ 07:40 woman finds out a video exists of her online she doesn’t want
@ 08:20 says he doesn’t want to leaf thru phone books at the library (do YP companies double check library distribution?)
@ 10:10 what technology means to us
@ 10:20 Jim finds out the history of his last name
@ 11:50 a commercial comes on and I realize that YouTube (the #2 search engine on the internet) is going to kill TV!
@ 12:30 The lifestyle of a Priest in Ireland
@ 13:50 Priest comments on child molestation
@ 14:30 What is our purpose in life?
@ 17:25 The difficulty of meeting new people, our fear of others!
@ 18:30 Off to NY to meet a retired NYPD detective
@ 19:20 The worst place to play hide and seek with a cop is your TV!
@ 20:40 Do you remember the Happy Land fire in New York?
@ 23:50 What is man’s purpose in life?
@ 23:30 Google Me without Google’s permission! Are you nuts?
@ 25:10 Before the days of every kid having ADHD/ADD
@ 26:20 We find out something shocking about this particular Jim….. swingers anyone?
@ 28:00 Jim can’t keep a wife….. Jim’s marriage fiascos.
@ 29:00 What kind of parties do these crazy folks like?!!?
@ 30:30 We find out this Jim doesn’t have the answers (man’s purpose answered again)
@ 31:00 Jim hits on Jim? Did that really happen?
@ 31:18 A joke: “A Priest, Cop, and a Swinger walk into a bar…..”
@ 32:00 Jim Killeen the Sales Guy! (now this is a man I can respect, no office swingin Jim!)
@ 37:00 A prayer at dinner with two Jims and the family
@ 39:50 What is man’s purpose (a great answer Jim!)
@ 41:20 You are only a few folks away from knowing someone at Google! (LinkedIn works too!)
@ 42:00 I want a tour of Google!
@ 43:15 Are you a gay porn star?
@ 45:00 Life in the Down Under!
@ 45:20 Vita-Vita-Vega-Min (wasn’t that on I Love Lucy?)
@ 48:00 Football…. .Australian style!
— commercial break for a puzzling question: Telstra in Australia….. local Telco…. monopoly, duopoly, or industry saturation??? Hmmmmm —
@ 54:00 What is a “round-about”?
@ 55:00 Scottland.
@ 57:20 From the looks of it haggis does not seem so tasty!
@ 58:50 How did Kilts come about?
@ 1:00:03 The art of gambling
@ 1:06:00 Why drugs are not always the cure
@ 1:16:00 The city of Killeen Tx rolls out the red carpet for Jim Killeen and proclaims “Jim Killeen Day” WOOHOO
@ 1:17:00 A joke: So all these Killeens show up at a hotel…..
@ 1:21:20 Killeen family tree and “The Waltons”
@ 1:22:15 St. Jude is the Saint of “Hopeless Causes” LOL
@ 1:27:00 What does Jim Killeen think of George Bush?
@ 1:28:20 PC

I thoroughly enjoyed the documentary. Visit the Google Me Youtube channel at here.

Just Google Me baby!

Just a suggestion for Google…. it is time for a Google jingle!

This one doesn’t work for me!