Corporations must learn lessons too. Does your CEO care?

June 12, 2010

Former BP ad campaign is now our nightmare.

I was considering posting my thoughts about the Gulf Oil Spill Crisis and BP.

Found out today via Facebook that someone else knows what’s up!

Instead of me offering my opinion, take a look at Paul Dumas website at Optimized Local Search, and his comments related to BP and an unlikely but practical solution to the Gulf Oil Spill.

Seems that we forget BP is a foreign company.  Do you think BP’s executives are handling the situation correctly?

After reading Paul’s thoughts, do you think he is right? Do you think BP = YellowCrooks?

Letting a massive oil company self-regulate its own environmental disaster might not be the way to go.

It is one thing to fail to admit when one of your executives has a drinking problem, it is another to lie about how bad things are.  Is BP trying to get the Gulf Coast to drink oil flavored Kool-Aid? Let’s hide how bad things really are.

Sounds like they have a great future. Time for us to hold corporations, companies, and executives accountable for actions that not only harm investors, but also the general public interest.

That’s my 3 cents.

If your search engine optimizer is not local, he isn’t YOUR SEO…

December 13, 2009

If your search engine optimizer is not local, he isn’t YOUR SEO…

Thanks to the tremendous growth of the web, maintaining high rankings on search engines results pages (known as Search Engine Optimization) has become increasingly challenging for folks. Smaller local area businesses do have a few distinct advantages to fitting on the first page results of search engines (also known as high Google rankings.)  

National SEO and Local SEO are very similiar, but they have two distinctive differences: local geography keywords and smaller marketing budgets. It has been said that 70% of all clicks to search engines are to the organic or natural results (non sponsored or paid search listings.) Only 10% off all clicks result beyond the first page of results.  Another advantage of a local seo is the relationship between the client and the search engine marketer. A local seo can get to know your business in a way the national companies could never dream of. Going to lunch with a client will help you uncover new ideas to market his/her business.  On Friday, I went with Jeff Swope from Webformance to meet with a new client of his who happens to have a very popular website. I quickly noticed that the site was in dire need of a content management system and a social media presence to compliment the companies hyper-aggressive and successful offline presence.

After the early morning meeting, I went out on a trip to downtown Dallas and Lewisville to take a few pictures for a few folks. I have come to realize that there is a huge advantage in having an SEO and marketing consultant that is local to your area. If you can be in the area to create content, whether it be from paying attention to local events or going on-site to record a video and taking pictures, this is a serious advantage to national SEOs considering the biggest issue with website development is content collection and creation. A SEO without content is not (as) much of an SEO.  MSN stated at SMX East (Search Marketing Expo East) that image search is now vital to search engine rankings. YouTube is now the #2 search engine on the internet. A local search engine optimizer can help you leverage local images and content. The sort of content and strategies you uncover by getting to know your client and his/her business both professionally and personally.

For additional local search engine marketing tips please follow my blog. I also strongly recommend you follow a few of the folks who I follow. One of the fellas I follow, one of the Nation’s top local search engine optimization experts, is David Mihm. Click here for David Mihm’s list of the Ten Commandments of Online Marketing for Small Local Businesses.

An Interview with the foremost Expert in Google Local Search – Mr. David Mihm by Shagun Vatsa

November 3, 2009

a great read on Local Search Interview With David Mihm the foremost Expert in Google Local Search


Common SEO Questions Answered by SEO Expert Mike Stewart

October 23, 2009

Mike Stewart is the local Google Guru of Dallas


I am well versed in SEO strategies for local businesses. I have optimized hundreds of sites with both suggestions and implementation. I am Google Adwords sales certified and understand the important relevency factors and degree of importance of each component in the PageRank algorithm. I can answer specific questions regarding on-page search engine optimizaton, .meta properties, link popularity, and directory submission. I am able to discuss feeds and social media as well. More info @ or

Experience in the area

10 years at Idearc Media as a New Business Strategist focusing on Search Engine Marketing…… Now I am working for myself as a local search engine marketing strategist, web developer, and advertising geek!


Dallas Interactive Marketing and Dallas SEO Specialists DFWSEM


  • Cisco Networking
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Awards and Honors

3 President’s Awards at Idearc Media

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What do you like about this subject?

Passion! I am passionate about helping businesses with getting ranked on search engines. I am passionate about “localized” product or service internet marketing. I do not believe SEO experts need to be fluent with Social Media expertise.

What do you still hope to achieve/learn in this field?

Everything that Danny Sullivan, David Mihm, Chris Smith, Rand Fishkin, Stephan Spencer, David Wallace, etc etc…..

Something interesting about this subject that others may not know:

SEO has more factors than a roll of tissue paper has tissues!

Something controversial or provocative about this subject

Some folks think SEO it is dead…… they are dead wrong!

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Recent Answers from Mike Stewart

2009-09-09 High Google Rank / No Hits:

I answered the first question just a moment ago. As far as the second one goes, I recommend you also consider Adwords with conversion tracking to make sure the visitors that are keyword targeted are

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First step is to make sure you are using the proper tracking tools such as Google Analytics. The second this is you need to make sure your title and description have relevant and compelling information

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Good morning! I wouldn’t worry much at all about Google interpreting your changes as underhanded. If your title has you ranked on your target keyword phrases than you have little to be concerned with

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Salah, I assume you are asking either about Dynamic and Static URL’s. Or what I and other call Search Engine Friendly URLs… or SEF URLs. Instead of giving you my interpretation, here is an answer

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I use: (choose the meta tag analyzer) (take a look at the keyword selector tool and the FireFox extention) SeoMoz also has some good tools. and a list of more: