Google Adwords click bids drop………. but,

February 2, 2009

Interesting find……. further supports my theory that paid search is always fair and balanced due to the fact that No One’s going to pay for clicks that do not result in a value or offer results to the bottom line.  I have said in the past that like buying lobster at your favorite seafood house, if lobster is $30.00 on the menu -who in thier right mind would pay $60.00? It is always adjusted in a FREE MARKET manner.

Interesting article from Barrons on  Google’s Search-Engine Marketing Slowing because Adwords keyword prices are down 5%-30% from the third-quarter of 2008.

So what does this mean to you? The costs for clicks has been dropping, yet the number of clicks to get a client or customer has increased. All the more importance to focus on Search Engine Marketing Management vs just participating in Adwords or Yahoo Search Marketing campaigns. The value proposition remains the same since the market does indeed adjust itself, which again….. I have been saying for years!