SEO Prices: Why some SEO companies charge by how much you can afford vs time and materials.

August 22, 2011


How much can someone charge for SEO.

For some SEO companies it depends on how  big your company or wallet can afford. Does the owner drive a Mercedes out front? Do you have a fancy office?

For us it comes down to our onsite and offsite seo schedule, where you currently rank on a ranking report, and how competitive your target market keywords.

We also charge for the meta tag and title work for existing pages inside the schedule, but have a limit to the number of pages per month.

We charge extra for posting content not going into a CMS (content management system like WordPress.)

We also charge extra for AdWords invoices, etc. Standard reporting is included in the schedule and everything we do our clients own.

We also charge for each additional niche site.

The real crooks charge by keyword. I would steer clear of those folks.

Also stay away from the $100-$200 per page folks.

Do they offer topical blog, one-way site, news, video, and article link building? Real SEO includes link building, afterall 60% of your ranking is offsite SEO and 40% is onpage!

If the company doesn’t include content, call metrics, or conversion optimization, don’t walk…. RUN!!!!

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One Dozen Different SEO Link Building Ideas for Small Businesses

March 20, 2011

Don’t put all the eggs in one basket, unless that basket is the one you are holding.

Authority Links

Links you can sometimes buy. Content bait can get links pointing back to you. These links are a must and normally come from begging, pleading, asking, and praying for the link. These are the ones that take the most effort to obtain, but give the best results. No need to anchor text, the topic of the site and its keywords are the juice!

Local Directory Links

Manual directory submission is the best. We recommend starting out with a list of 21 of the top sites that provide citations from Google and working down the list. This takes a bit of time to setup. The best directories will be relevant on topic or niche directories. Industry specific is always another plus. (Real Estate Directory vs Online Yellow Pages Directory listing for Real Estate Section)

Comment and Profile Links

Don’t comment spam. Contribute to the conversation. Most bloggers hate when you use anchor text instead of a real name. Find industry related blogs and start commenting. But don’t become a content spammer, or I will hate you.

Most blog comment links are tagged rel=nofollow and most think that Google and search engines don’t give as much juice to them. I beg to differ. I just think that they can tell when you are a spammer. Don’t SPAM!

Social Media Links

Create Content. Build Social Accounts for your business. Build accounts for your person. Build accounts for your employees. Start using them. Share content. Wash. Rinse. Repeat the sharing and creating content. Social signals are the new trust. Google loves to trust your content, trust your site, and loves interaction. This can be faked, but why bother?

Note: Don’t be fooled. Social Media signals are the latest and most authoritative Google ranking factors.

Reciprocal Links

These are link exchanges. Pretty easy to obtain. They no longer are as effective as they used to be for SEO and are considered blackhat. A few doesn’t hurt. Don’t make this your SEO strategy folks!

Note: The technique of using other links in your site and asking them to put the link to your store on their site. This will not work out very well if they are your direct competitor but if it a link from a home improvement tool sales and you are a construction company or sub contractor the sites would be relevant to each other. In this way both of you get an extra boost at the same time.

One way links

Articles are a great way to obtain niche site one-way links.

Cost is around $35 to $50 per link and article.

Blog Roll Links are another good example of a one-way link. Some Blog Roll Exchange programs exist that help obtain these types of links.

3-way Links

Site A links to Site B which Links to Site C and so on….. considered more of a grey area for SEO, be cautious when building these kinds of links. But they do work.

Talented Blackhat SEO Experts use 3-way and 4-way linkbuilding techniques by having many sites. Oftentimes this is considered blackhat as content farms are the main source of linkbuilding efforts.

.Edu and .Gov Links

Use the Google Search Operator: “ or .gov” to find these link opportunities. The “trust” that these sites offer your website is great. Offline techniques, cash donations, and gifts of time or sponsorships are great ways to obtain these links. Some other ideas might require you to shop up the the school and meet some of the web administrators.

Radio station, TV, Magazine or Newspaper links

These links are obtained by contextual advertising. Links are seldom on topic. Pay to play here folks!

Press Release Links

My favorite link building. This is all about great content. Interesting news. Or just pulling something out of your tail for the sake of gaining some links.

Avoid free press release sites as your only link strategy. Stay away from mom and pop press release sites. I prefer to use PRWeb by Vocus. I have a license. Licenses cost money. These links are good for traffic and with the way search engines are distributing news content in search results and allowing you to search by news, another great source of solid link building.

You must write a solid press release. Cost is around $50-$100.00 for a great one! PRWeb Submissions start at $500.

Mass Article Link Building and Bio Links

Create a unique article and send it out to hundreds of article submission sites. With Google’s recent content quality algorithm update called Panda (aka The Farmer update which was geared towards “content farms”) you shouldn’t expect to see the article ranking on search results like they used to. Article sites often monetize effort of managing the site with AdSense revenue, Google’s AdWords Publisher Program that includes Network Distribution vs Search.

Note: Bio links are obtained by the bio that is submitted to the article sites with the article.

RSS/Blog syndicated link

This is all about Syndication of your content. If you are not doing it, why not? WordPress as a content management system makes creating an RSS feed easy. This is really easy, you just need to create great quality content and folks will put your content feed inside their site.

Some More Thoughts on Link Building:

There are many different strategies in effective link building and the people at a Dallas SEO Link Building Strategy Consultant firm SMB SEO can help you with many of them. These men and women can help point you in the right direction to build a link network with your site. This helps with how much traffic you get but also how much business is brought in as well. The advice received from these kinds of firms is priceless.

A good consultant will be able to help you optimize link building efforts so that the bottom line will improve for your business. The ones that you should be looking for are links that will impact your business in a positive way. Those that have wishy washy service and products are not going to get your business up that high. You want to look into each one carefully. Once you know who you are dealing with, go to your SEO link building consultant and talk it over. He will be able to look at the numbers and tell you if his site is popular enough to bring you up a notch.

Another benefit of link building is that it can take your newly imported site up in rankings by being on their high ranking site. The sites on the Internet are graded by their links. They take into consideration the amount of traffic a website receives a month, the number of views it has, references from other sites, and the links that it has endorsed and that have worked out well for both of them. This raises your rank. When linking to a higher site than yours, it is like taking an SEO piggy back ride. You are essentially riding on their popularity.

There are courses you can take to learn the strategies for web page manicuring. They run approximately thirty to sixty days and cost about seven thousand dollars for the course from beginning to end. Or you can call a consulting firm so that your time can be spent making money instead of linkbuilding, using them as your right hand man to get the job done and your site ranking high.