Call Measurement – The Only Way to Really Measure Online Ad Response Effectively

November 26, 2010

Does your business want to validate the effectiveness of an online or offline ad campaign or promotion?

How do you judge whether the advertisement you are purchasing is effective?

Did you know that for as little as $100.00 per month you can measure the ROI of any and all advertising you produce?

If you need call tracking and reporting services, I strongly recommend you contact the folks at Century Interactive in Dallas.

Century Interactive enables businesses to perform holistic campaign reviews and grade effectiveness of both online and offline campaigns. Stop guessing what online efforts are driving your phone calls. Track the number of calls generated by any online campaign or referring source in near real-time.

If you have questions, give me a call. I am an authorized reseller for Century Interactive’s service.

FAQ Answers:

  • Service is available in most areas.
  • No Contract.
  • You can keep the numbers you provision.
  • Cost is per minute in the event you pass your $100 per month threshold.
  • Call Routing, Call Forwarding, Call Recording, Call Whisper, and Greetings…. they got it all!
  • The customer service from CI, and SMBSEO is the bomb!